Pastor Connected To Lesbian Couple’s Custody Battle Is Arrested

A major break in the ongoing case of Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins who have been embroiled in a custody case for almost a decade. The two were joined in a civil union in Vermont in 2000 and, two years later, Miller gave birth to a daughter named Isabella. The following year, the two ended their relationship.

Jenkins The AP has further details on the couple's past: "Lisa Miller then moved to Virginia, renounced homosexuality and became an evangelical Christian. She was granted custody of Isabella, but Jenkins got visitation rights. Courts in Vermont and Virginia have since ruled in favor of Jenkins on the custody issue, most recently in November 2009, when Rutland Family Court Judge William Cohen — frustrated by Lisa Miller's refusal to obey court orders — ordered her to surrender custody to Jenkins. Lisa Miller, who at one time lived in Forest, Va., failed to appear with the girl for a court-ordered Jan. 1, 2010, custody swap in which Jenkins was to take her. A federal arrest warrant has since been issued for her."

Last week, the FBI arrested a 34-year old pastor named Timothy David Miller (authorities do not believe he is related to Lisa Miller) for aiding in an international parental kidnapping. Miller is believed to have helped coordinate travel for Lisa Miller and Isabella outside of the United States and also arranged for them to live in their current location which is believed to be in Nicaragua. He has also been linked to Jerry Falwell's anti-gay Christian school, Liberty University.

Jenkins has released a statement through her lawyers: "I know very little at this point, but I really hope that this means that Isabella is safe and well. I am looking forward to having my daughter home safe with me very soon."


  1. Rocco says

    This is such a sad situation. I feel very sorry for Isabella…hopefully she’ll get lots of therapy & deprogramming after getting away from the wackadoodle.

  2. Francis says

    Very tragic situation, and again shows you that many of these fundamentalists don’t genuinely care one bit about the children they supposedly seek to protect. Very sick individuals. Hopefully Ms. Jenkins and Isabella are reunited ASAP.

  3. wyocwboy62 says

    Being a person that worked as a social worker…the person that gets hurt the worst is the child…it doesn’t matter gay , straight, bisexual or transgender…the children get hurt the worst! Grow up people especially the x-tians. As for Lisa Miller I doubt it very much she just walked away from being a lesbian…it would not surprised me if she is having lesbian sex on the side

  4. curtis says

    This girl need to be found now who knows what physical and emotional torture she is enduring every second she with these dangerous zealots.

  5. ratbastard says

    EVERYBODY who uses children as props and bargaining chips should of course be DEEPLY ashamed of themselves. And it’s a VERY COMMON situation.

  6. says

    The good thing about this case is that the courts have consistently and rightly ruled in favor of Jenkins (the non-biological mother), basically affirming that the VT CU both women willingly entered into is legally binding and cannot be undone simply because one mother went fundamentally straight and hooked up with a legal team of anti-gay religious zealots. The courts have not bought into fundamentalism as an eraser for one’s past decisions and legal responsibilities.

    The unfortunate part of this is that, instead of allowing her former partner court-ordered visitation rights–a typical result of divorce, Lisa Miller chose to ignore law, kidnap her own child, and force her daughter into a life of hiding amongst homophobic lawyer thugs, who are using the child for purely selfish political reasons.

  7. Adam says

    I am an atheist. But the vast majority of my family is Christian. And while I do not, at all, follow their faith, I still get a little perturbed and offended when gays go off the handle on people who are Christians. My family has been nothing but loving and accepting of me. Not all Christians are evil, not all inflict harm or suffering on others. In fact the vast majority of them I have ever known are caring and kind people.

    Stop condemning people for not being as enlightened as you are. And note the irony in condemning while claiming victim status when those you condemn do the same to you. No one wins or keeps friends for demonstrating viciousness and pettiness.

  8. Bryan says

    @Adam Speaking only for myself, I don’t hate Christians – I hate Christianism You know, love the sinner, hate the sin?

    ButI’m curious. What does your loving Christian family do when their faith is perverted into a tool to persecute a minority, as well as an attempt to violate the Constitution by establishing not only a state religion, but a de facto theocracy?

    Where are those who actually wish to live an emulation of the life of Christ when smug, ignorant fascists commit evil in their savior’s name? Where are the debates, where are the protests, where are the “take back our faith” rallies? Christ was nothing if not an activist. How can anyone claim to be Christian while sitting on their hands and going “tsk, tsk?”

    I don’t hate Christians. I’ve met at least half a dozen in the past 50 years and admired every one of them greatly. I just despise hypocrites. But given that Christians as rare as albinos, I can see how you’d become confused.

  9. Adam says

    @Bryan – They live their faith and serve as a symbol of what it really means to be a Christian. Your idea of a “true” Christian seems to require some level of perfect behavior that any real Christian (or anyone who has ever bothered to read rather than simply criticize the Bible) would know isn’t possible. They do their best to live as they were told to live, to not judge or persecute, but to love. I’m sad for you that your experience with Christians has been tainted by the very few whose idiocy takes center stage.

    A de facto theocracy? Rubbish. Simply because someone pronounces America a Christian nation does not make it so. Just like you announcing you are persecuted by Christians doesn’t make it so. You live a freer life than most men in history have ever known. Simply because some falsely use their religion to say they don’t like you, or condemn you, hardly means you actually suffer any persecution.

    Christ was a pacifist, not an activist. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. He was tolerant. He believed the dregs of society were as worth saving as the rich and powerful. But he was hardly an activist in the sense of protest. He lived by example. And there are many people today who do that.

    And frankly, we’re all hypocrites. Including you, as is made evident by your condemnation of others for being imperfect, as if you yourself are.

  10. ratbastard says


    There are MANY places [most of planet Earth, FAR WORSE for gays than the United States].

    I’m Agnostic. I find religious dogma [just like I find political and social dogmas and extreme ideologies like radical environmentalism, etc.,] silly, and used as a controlling mechanism. It’s all about power and control. That said, I’ve met and know MANY ‘Christians’ who are perfectly decent, honorable people. I even know clergy, including Catholic, who are decent, honorable people. Conversely, I’ve known and do know self-described ‘Progressive’ people who are totally smug, insincere, narcissistic aholes.

    I don’t know what it is about self described ‘Progressives’ [I hold many ‘Progressive’ views] but I’ve always, almost consistently, had inter-personal trouble on a one on one basis with them. I’ve found most to be, personality-wise, sour, VERY bigoted [I’m not referring to racism] smug, overly sensitive and often humorless. I think the word is ‘Tight-a**ed’, ironic considering they spend considerable time lecturing and mocking others for being tight-a**ed.

    I HATE smug, ideological extremist. They are the lowest of the low in my eyes, the unpleasant scum of the Earth.

  11. Hank says

    @ Bryan & Adam. I think there are different christianities in this country . Some christians , in my experience often catholics and old-line denomination protestants, may be basically kind, well-meaning, and even tolerant people, although limited by their belief system, who may nevertheless frustrate and disappoint gay people by their inability or unwillingness to really understand our lives or take a stand on our behalf.
    Then there are newfangled so-called fundamentalist or evangelical churches , cults, or sects, calling themselves christian, which often seem to represent a peculiarly toxic American cultural blend of ignorance, hysteria, and hate. This “christianity” is more analagous to radical fundamentalist islam, in that both have a deeply distorted relationship to the historical spiritual tradition they claim to be a part of. “Christians” who “come out” of homosexuality and kidnap children are definitely in the second category…

  12. CommonSense says

    It’s Miller’s child, she should have custody unless she’s an unfit mother. Being ‘frustrated by [her] refusal to obey court orders’ is hardly grounds to remove a child from her biological parent’s custody. And Miller has every right to raise her child with whatever religious tradition she desires.

    I understand that Jenkins cares for Isabella, but until we can bioengineer a lesbian or gay couple’s gametes to allow for true pairings, the gay community needs to work with the heteronormative (some would say ‘natural’) system we have now.

  13. says

    @Commonsense: Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins decided to co-parent a child together while they were in a legally binding CU (equivalent to marriage) in VT. Biology is not the only determinant of legal responsibility. No one forced Miller to parent a child with Janet Jenkins; she chose to. And when you make such major life choices, you can’t simply write them off when the relationship ends and your views change. Any number of heterosexual couples in bitter custody disputes can tell you that. The fact that the parents are both women is not the primary concern here. Lisa Miller’s irrational behaviors are.

    The sad thing is that Lisa Miller WAS the primary parent for Isabella, appropriately so, but when she ignored all court orders for shared custody over a period of years, became involved with a legal team of fundamentalist zealots (not to be confused with all Christians, obviously–her legal team is comprised of virulently anti-gay Christians), and literally ran away from her legal responsibilities, she was declared unfit. When you ignore multiple custody rulings by multiple courts, you face harsh consequences, and those who aided her criminal behavior will face them, too.

  14. DKINGS9 says

    Commonsense, what the hell are you doing on this site for the mentally confused? You are not going to talk, well, commonsense to any of these agenda driven homosexuals. They think they are the normal humans and it is their role to convince us that unnatural relationships ARE the norm. I got here by accident looking for the Lisa Miller story. Go,Lisa! Civil Unions, your ass. Like NAMBLA and bestiality?