1. breckroy says

    What an asshat. The rumors of his bad attitude were legion, not to mention his controlling (and, she days, sometimes violent) nature toward Dianna Agron, but now it’s pretty much there in black and white. Gratitude for breaks and buzz most actors would dream of is more than a tattoo for the women your fame and looks allow you to pick up to service you. BEASTLY and I AM NUMBER 4 were bombs, so why is Hollywood still trying to make this happen at all? There are tons of good looking guys at the start of their careers who would work harder and be grateful…and aren’t likely to bring bad press to your film. Hot is nice, bitches can be cute, but this guy is neither hot nor cute enough to cover up how ugly he is inside.

  2. craig says

    Sure Hollywood and it’s celebrity culture is unhealthy and sometimes bizarre, but does being a prick makes it any better. The tattoo is self-complacent and borderline misogynist. There are so many actors, especially non white actors struggling for roles. I like the facial hair, but it can’t hide how much of an arse he his.

  3. says

    hmmmm my 1st post never posted, so if it does finally show up….I appologize for this double post

    Breckroy, u forgot Operation Stormbreaker his 1st flop. He has had 3 flops now to his name

    It is beyond time for him to fly back to the UK and stay there

  4. ratbastard says

    What exactly has he said [and I have no idea who this guy is] that’s ‘bad’? He said things that have been said by many before him. A lot of people also agree with his LA. sentiments.

    Of course he’s a young guy starting out in the business, and he should keep his big mouth shut and be grateful he’ll become wealthy by play acting, thanks to the backing of those he just dissed.

  5. Frozen North says

    He’s not a household name and those movies weren’t billed as “Come and see Alex Pettyfer in this!” so…how exactly is it his fault those movies bombed?

    (Was his acting bad in any of it?)

    Plus, from everything I’ve heard from everyone who’s visited L.A. he’s right.

  6. chris says

    Most of the coverage of this article is just wrong, especially the bloggers who don’t get that he was joking about having a tattoo on his pubic area that says “thank you” (It actually say ALEX in Kanji) or the ones who think he’s “bashing women” (re: Ted Casablancas) when he uses “the c word” when he’s just being British. Other than that, how is he wrong? And I love the people who ask how he dare say this kind of thing about the very people who “are making him rich.” The reason that he can say these things without worrying about it is that he was rich to begin with. Honesty is very hard for some people to deal with.

  7. ANON IN SO CAL says

    Here’s an idea, Alex: Don’t like it here? Then leave. Don’t want to deal with the consequences of your chosen profession? Then choose another. But please, please just shut the hell up.

  8. busytimmy says

    Wow, what a tool. Please leave LA, we don’t need another rude, arrogant Brit here. His looks are a dime a dozen. Run yourself out of town, c**t.

  9. Henry Holland says

    “He’s not a household name and those movies weren’t billed as “Come and see Alex Pettyfer in this!” so…how exactly is it his fault those movies bombed?”

    They WERE billed as “come and see..”!! He’s all over the promo material, and he came out here and was hyped to the skies, he was everywhere in the entertainment media and even did the cliched “start dating a popular TV actress” thing. Movies bomb for a lot of reasons, but when an obvious push to make someone a star fails, guess who gets the blame?

  10. says

    Haha. If I asked him about his tattoo and he told me “in case I forget to say it” and then winked…I’m pretty sure I would faint from the speed at which blood rushed to my dick.

  11. parco says

    the tattoo just above his crotch is of his name ‘Alex’ in Japanese katakana characters アレックス. maybe his ‘Thank You’ tattoo is lower down and hidden from view…

  12. jayjay says

    I actually like him more now that he said it..but I get that some ppl r offended for good reasons…btw it’s in katagana not kanji that his name’s written 😛

  13. ratbastard says

    EDIT of my previous post:

    I just read this c*nt’s bio. He’s a privileged brat. And the British one’s are THE WORSE in the western world. Why they come to America and all [99%] act like complete dicks is beyond me. Brits think it’s really cool and hip to be endlessly sarcastic, rude and condescending. They’re worse than the French, who get a very bad rap.

    And he’s good looking but there’s PLENTY who can take his place.

  14. Tim says

    I spent 12 years in LA working in the same business. I now live in London and couldn’t be happier about people like Alex. He’s sarcastic and sexy and just doesn’t care. It would do all of us some good to take a little bit of this dry humour and add it to our everyday lives.

  15. Tim says

    Douchenozzle comes to LA. Sees the reflection of his own shallow narcissism. Recoils. Yawn.

    I think I’d like him a hair more if his tattoo read “Be Kind, Re-wind.”

  16. Mike Peralta says

    Wow…Does he limit himself to a few intersections in the Hollywood district and to a few ‘Hollywood’ circles? Your line of business (and how you view it)is the same regardless of where you are. L.A. is a highly stratified and culturally complex metropolis. The only cohesive unit is the freeway system! Such myopic views are quite pathetic. I live in Hollywood, and I know far more appreciative Brits and much prettier guys. He’s nothing special in this town.

  17. D.B. says

    If I recall correctly, a young starlet named Jennifer Lopez gave an equally damning interview to “Movieline Magazine” when she an up-and-coming film actress. The industry already had a lot invested in her future, so she later apologized, claiming she was “misquoted.”

    From what I understand, there are already a number of Alex Pettyfer projects in the pipeline, so expect him (or more likely his handlers) to disown the article shortly.

  18. dh says

    i think he comes across pretty well in the interview. l.a. is all about ego and greed. it’s refreshing to see an actor who doesn’t buy into it.

    hollywood is filled with assholes who take themselves way too seriously.

  19. ratbastard says


    Humour? Are you a native Brit, Canadian, Australian, etc., or have you gone native?

    And there are PLENTY of Americans with ‘Dry Humo[u]r’ [and finely tuned sarcasm]. A person can O.D. on them in New York, for example.

  20. Daniel says

    give the guy a break he is only 21 ever though that he might just want to act to make money to be like the rest of us we have a job to support our lives not a job to controdict our lives and most actors let there job controdict their lives well go alex and what the f*** its a tattoo get over it not the end of the world

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