1. Bryan says

    The Lord’s judgement on Christofascists continues. It’s awful and tragic, but you can’t expect to commit horrors in Jesus’ name without his Dad eventually noticing. Sad, but tornados are the least of your problems when you’re an Abomination in The Eyes of The Lord.

  2. AllBeefPatty says


    Those TSA agents need to step back from the feedbag. Ya know. If there was a real terrorist threat those plumpers couldn’t make it from Gate 1A to Gate 1B without stopping for a soup and sammy.

    #sad #fail #getyourhandsoffmyjunk

  3. Mike says

    It’s so annoying and sad when people use hashtags in normal conversation. What are you, 12 years old?

    Oh wait…this isn’t a forum to make fun of other people? Sorry, I was confused for a second.

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