UNC Student Lied About Anti-Gay Assault Goes Home for Counseling

Quinn Matney, the UNC Chapel Hill student who lied about an anti-gay assault in which he was severely burned, has returned to his home in Asheville to enter counseling, McClatchy reports:

Matney David Matney III said he drove to Chapel Hill on Tuesday to pick up his son, who called to say he wanted to come home.

"We're trying to get him in to see someone," David Matney said.

While he didn't offer details about what caused his son to create the hoax, David Matney did reveal that his son was trying to cover up something that his friends at UNC had learned about him. "Quinn made up the story on the spur of the moment to hide something else that occurred that should not have occurred," David Matney said.

He said his son's claim that the fictitious assailant used an anti-gay slur was regrettable because it propelled the matter into the national spotlight. "He was trying to make sure his friends believed him so they wouldn't push him on the real issue," David Matney said.

Matney's claim, that two men approached him and "branded" him with a very hot object while using anti-gay slurs, made national headlines quickly. As soon as it was clear that Matney could not produce evidence or a fellow student he said witnessed the crime, a false report was declared.


  1. Rowan says

    No shock here.


    Of course there is a bigger issue-I just hope his home life is okay. His Dad does seem nice…

    I always said this and didn’t rush to hate him. Poor kid.

    I’m lucky I was born somewhere progressive..

  2. Todd says

    I was so confused my first couple of years in college. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted, being closeted from a very small town. I totally can understand now how something like this could happen and quickly be blown out of proportion. He was obviously cruising or hooking up and it turned out badly. He then tried to cover it up. Hope he gets some good counseling and returns to school… with a good haircut!

  3. FernLaPlante says

    What’s wrong with his hair? Those that are making fun should look back at their own college haircuts. This kid obviously has some issues and apparently did this to himself (?). Let’s hope he gets help and making fun of him on here is a form of bullying.

  4. Bruno says

    I really think this helps show that we have to (as a society) make sure all the facts are straight before blowing a story out of proportion. That means it shouldn’t be reported until some basic facts of the matter are confirmed. I hope he gets the help he needs…this media firestorm has probably made everything twice as bad at least.

  5. ohplease says

    Oh, for heaven’s sake — nobody hates us “even more” because of this kid. People who hate us hate us exactly the same as before, I promise you.

    This story shows that when a story seems false it probably is, just as when it seems true it probably is. People who lie never lie well. This story made no sense from the beginning, but that was the story.

    It wasn’t so long ago you could be a freshman screw-up and the whole world wouldn’t know about it. I’m sorry he’s hurting and hope he keeps at the therapy until it sticks.

  6. ohplease says

    “still waiting for the public apology.”

    What, are you writing from the World Wide Web circa 1997? FYI: nobody posts cliche crap like that anymore.

    And how you think someone who criticizes a mentally ill stranger’s hair on the Internet isn’t the one who’s the idiot is beyond me.

  7. mld says

    @ohplease: anyone who uses minority status to fake victim-hood should publicly apologize to advocates and actual victims of hate crimes.

    and calling him mentally ill, just or not, as an excuse for not being able to apologize for the lies which went national – well, its total b.s., and yes, his haircut stupid. i think anyone who bothers defending against calling his hair stupid is also moron.

    my god, someone criticized his hair style and lack of product! boo hoo ohplease, boo f-ing hoo.

  8. mld says

    @shannon, uh, bethany storro isnt in jail, ashley todd isnt in jail. because he is gay he should go to jail instead of a clinic like similar situations?

    get over yourself, same sh#t, different day.

  9. RascistShannon says

    whoa, guuuuurl….if he was “anyone else” we’d have the uber-rascists Jessie Jackson and a host of ghetto-dirtbag ministers hooting and hollering….am I right?

  10. mld says

    @ra(s)cist: crystal gail mangum never spent a day in jail for accusing the duke lacrosse players in jail. how about you f off and go back into your troll hole

  11. Randy says

    So, even though it’s not a crime against him, I hope you’ll follow this story, because I want to know what was so important he had to do that, and what he used.

  12. Pointed says

    One comment mentioned that stories should not be reported until all of the facts are in. Well, the same goes for comments….they should NOT be made until all of the facts are in….which they are not as yet – we do not yet know the whole story. The attacks in this string are pathetic…..get a life!

  13. The_Fixer says

    The kid’s got problems, and hope he gets help.

    And how shallow are you dicks that take this opportunity to make fun of his hair style? WTF is wrong with you? You a fan of cookie-cutter looks?

    And that is not a 1970’s hair style, dufus. I lived through the 70’s I know.

    I also know shallow, unsympathetic and non-empathetic people. Apparently, there are plenty that hang out here. Good thing my browser goes elsewhere.

    What an amazing bunch of A-holes. I’m gone.

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