1. ggreen says

    I think Steven Soderbergh needs to come out of the closet. This eye candy project is destined to be a big flop. Neither of these two has any talent other taking their clothes off. “A Night in Heaven” was made nearly 30 years ago and doesn’t need a remake. As homophobic as Hollywood still is it will surely flash a “no homo” message at the bottom of all advertisements and periodically throughout the movie. That will keep the gays away until the DVD release.

  2. says

    pettyfer looks too old to play younger tatum

    yeah technically he is around the age necessary but pettyfer is worn out/old looking for his age (probably due to the heavy smoking)

  3. brian says

    Steve Soderbergh is not, in my opinion, a gay-friendly director. When this male stripper movie is finished, it will probably be a homophobic piece of drivel that is typical of Hollywood fare these days.

    Hollywood is absolutely scared of us. It knows that we in the gay community have the power to expose it as the homophobic industry it is.

  4. Zach says

    “This eye candy project is destined to be a big flop. ”

    Soderbergh has only ever cared about his movies making money so that he can make more of them. Most of his movies take years to You can critique the quality of his efforts, but don’t misunderstand his intentions.

  5. ratbastard says

    ‘…..pettyfer is worn out/old looking for his age (probably due to the heavy smoking)’


    LOL…………………..Gay men are funny.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    There’s been something about Channing’s look that I couldn’t put a finger on, but it fascinated me…whenever I saw a photo of him. He says he has some Native-American ancestry, but that wasn’t enough–there was something else I saw. Well, recently I’ve started reading about the Melungeon people of the Southeastern United States. I think I found my answer.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “@Derrick in Philly,

    —-Seriously? You’re insane or have a really good sense of humor. Tatum is clearly Caucasian”

    Oh, yeah, Ratazz. And Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Gary Powers, Elvis, and even Loretta Lynn (a white supremacist like you) are all thought to be possibly descended from Melungeon people (by Melungeon folks). And being in racist America what Melungeon folks would admit to having African blood–even if DNA testing shows it’s less than 10% African?

    You called me insane? You wanna’ get nasty, Ratbastard? OK, I don’t mind getting nasty. Tatum Channing has a certain sexiness and certain physical characteristics that people like you don’t usually have. And where did he get those full juicy sexy lips? Scotland? (get the outta’ my damn face).

    So, you believe that to have African blood you must look obviously “mixed”. Did you suspect Carol Channing before she announced that one of her grandfathers was Black?

    What the hell do you think Edna Ferber was thinking when she created the character of Julie in “Show Boat”?

    Did you ever hear Warren G Harding’s response when his political opponents accused him of “passing”?

    There are millions of White Americans who know (or don’t know) that they have not-so-distant Black ancestors. It’s one of the oldest stories in the American story. Only White racists try to ignore it.

    (I have to get off these blogs. I have no patience for people who allow bigotry to make them dumb….no patience on Withdrawal Mondays.)

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