Minnesota Rep. Tony Cornish Emails Constitutent Upset About Anti-Gay Marriage Vote: ‘Give It a Rest!!!!!!!’


GOP Minnesota Rep. Tony Cornish offered a terse email response to one of his constituents upset over his vote approving the anti-gay marriage amendment over the weekend.

Wrote Cornish in the email: "Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. AJ says

    This is absolutely infuriating! Way to keep the lines of mature public discourse open! This guy is a paid official and this is what happens?!! I hope this is splashed all over the news and NO ONE forgets it.

  2. Carl says

    I’m not surprised by the attitude.

    After 15 years in Minnesota, I’ve learned the vaunted “Minnesota Nice” is a myth. Polite indifference is not the same as nice. Many of my fellow Minnesotans can be “polite” to your face but will, once ensconced in the anonymity of the voting booth, revert to the ugliest and meanest sort of bigotry, hatred and fear.

  3. AJ says

    I just sent this to him: “Give it a rest. Really?!!! Would you give it a rest if there were a bunch of misguided politicians who were eerily focused on destroying YOUR personal rights and doing their damnedest to ensure that you were made a second class citizen? All of this when we are still facing an enormous deficit and rampant unemployment among many other problems? How much precious hours were wasted on this a bill that will help NO ONE in the state of MN? And will it be worth it when November of 2012 rolls around and MN answers with a resounding “NO!” when asked whether they want to strip their friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors of basic civil rights. Will YOU give it rest when you are voted out of office based on your inaction on the issues that actually matter to your constituents? Time will tell.”

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Apparently, Cornish is a known A-hole. There is a facebook page devoted to a “give it a rest” response to a different issue. In one letter, he explains, ” If someone makes direct statements critical of me and my positions without thinking it thru and knowing everything involved, they should expect to get a letter that says, “Give it a rest!”.


  5. Rob says

    What is it with these GOPer politicians in the upper midwest states these days? Have they all been drinking the same Kool-Aid (with apologies, Kool-Aid) as the rest of the GOPer nation?? What an idiot to respond to a constitutent like this. Let’s indeed fill his in-box with our own “give it a rest” love notes!

  6. says

    How about Representative Cornish and his ilk being the ones to “Give it a rest”!

    How about them concentrating their time and effort at taxpayers expense toward solving the real issues at hand, instead of wasting their time attempting to relegate a entire comunity of constituents to second class status.

    They’re pathetic and their grandchildren will look back on what they are doing with scorn, embarrasment and revolsion.

  7. Mark says

    Just receved a response from Cornish office to the email I sent this a.m.

    “Eh Eh Eh” (I have saved the email) is all it said.


  8. Jamie says

    Received the same EH EH EH email as well.
    Is this supposed to be some kind of stammering or some Bush-esque maniacal laugh?

  9. Lori says

    I sent him an email. His response. eh eh eh.
    How very statesman like. What a chump.

  10. Greg says

    My email to him:
    I can’t believe you, as an elected public official, would respond to one of your constituents with such a dismissive response. Thankfully for our nation, people like you are soon voted out of office, once their stupidity becomes apparent. And you have certainly displayed it openly here.

    Give yourself a rest from political office!

    His response = the usual “eh eh eh”
    How erudite!

  11. Stephen says

    Not that much different in Canada. Our MPs get in trouble if they vote against party mandate. They aren’t allowed to vote how their constituents want.

  12. says

    Crackers don’t only live in the South. His district is 96.9% white. There are 164 African-American residents out of a population of 36,000. Even at the ridiculously low 3% figure recently cited there are six times as many queers in his district as blacks, probably many corn-fed young folks. Give that a rest asshat. Your neighbors are watching.

  13. Rowan says

    You guys are woefully naive. Why is this such a shock to you? What actually needs to happen for you guys to ‘GET IT’ that this guys are sociopaths? No empathy. Kapitsch?

  14. Go Galt. Please. says

    It would be easier to “give it a rest” if 41 states hadn’t already specifically made my relationship illegal.
    Saying that denying gays the right to marry is merely continuing the status quo would be easier to believe if “they” weren’t actively changing the legal landscape.

  15. TampaZeke says

    Here’s what he REALLY wanted to type:

    “Shut the f*ck up and get back in your place you dirty f*ggot!”

    But without the *’s

  16. TonyJ says

    Thanks for the phone number. I enjoyed leaving him a message, and telling him that I won’t visit Minnesota as long as he continues to make it a ‘hate state’.

  17. Jared Barron says

    I have an email chain with him on this. Not sure how to make it viewable except that I have pasted it into a facebook note.

  18. MichaelD says

    Just received a reply to my email; he seems to think his constituents are “overwhelmingly” (his word) behind this discriminatory law. He said after 300 communications, he was tired and that’s why he responded to Stephanie in that way. Wasn’t he elected to listen to ALL of his constituents?

  19. GH109 says

    I have never posted a response to any of the stories on here until today. This story inspired me to send an email as well. I’m eager to see what kind of a response I get.

  20. KP says

    I, too, emailed Mr. Cornish, who responded with “eh eh eh”. God save, Minnesota…

  21. DN says

    Here’s a photo of the delighful gentleman.

    Note the moustache, the black tie on black shirt with a black blazer, and notice the little S&M handcuff lapel pin.

    It’s not like someone snapped this candid photo – this is a headshot from a portrait session. Someone please save this poor man from his horrid taste.