1. dave says

    I think she’s being smart. I never thought Gilly was funny, just annoying. Penelope was decent premise for a sketch that never should have become a recurring character. I appreciate the fact she knows these characters are too thin to continue driving into the ground.

  2. johnny says

    Gilly was semi-lame, but Penelope was great. I agree with her decision, they’d taken them about as far as they could without getting redundant. Just glad they didn’t try to do a movie with either of them, unlike Samburg whose short films are getting tiring. I don’t think the males are nearly as talented as the females in the current cast.

    My personal fave character of Wiig’s is the woman who can’t keep a secret… best skit ever was the surprise party with Christopher Walking guest-starring.

  3. Dusty says

    I think she is going to be hard press to find people who arent jumping for joy after hearing this news. I didnt care for either of these characters and I think Kristen thinks she is the queen of SNL. Even in scenes where she is simply meant to be an extra we still end up noticing her. She is an attention whore, who doesnt share the spot light very well. I have enjoyed her in a few of her movie roles however :)

  4. Michael in Toronto says

    Maybe I’m insane, but I LOVED Gilly: the way she looked like some forgotten character from a 1920s comic; that strange little dance she did; the final Sorry!

  5. Alex says

    A lesser SNL actor would have had both full-length films (Gilly and Penelope) in the can by now. Congratulations on your good judgement Kristen.

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