1. Craig says

    This guy would reinstate don’t ask, don’t tell after thousands of gay and lesbian servicemembers are already out of the closet. I wonder how much money it would cost to train all of their replacements once they’ve been fired for being gay? Pawlenty believes in not wasting the government’s money except when teabaggers want to punish people for being gay. F TPAW.

  2. eco-freak says

    Tim Pawlenty never won a majority of votes in MN. He was a plurality governor with sagging support. I have no idea why he thinks a majority of American voters would support him.

  3. Ribon says

    @Eco-Freak–Probably because most American’s haven’t even heard of him before. I mean, look at that video; the man obviously has a heavy pocket. Who wins elections? The ones with the most money and who slanderize their competiton the most and who make the best commercials.
    The public loves a pretty face and soft words; this man offers both.

    I truely hope that we can avoid him becoming president…more people need to become educated for what he stands for….it would set us back so far if he were to be elected…

    I’m scared for the future.

  4. Jim says

    Hater! He’s using the catch phrase with the Religious Right: “Truth”… a word that they use NOT for truth, but justification for their bigoted, narrow minded beliefs. I don’t think he can beat Obama, but this guy IS a formidable opponent; unlike the nut cases of Trump and Gingrich.

  5. Disgusted Gay American says

    well Pawlentys already lost 99.9% of the Gay Vote….thats a given

  6. mstrozfckslv says


    forgot….He eliminated the state Secretary of Transportation position and had his farmer housewife & Lt. Governor in charge of the transportation infrastructure.

    1 commercial from Obama showing the collapsed bridge and laying the deaths at Pawlentys feet is all it would take

  7. John says

    But of course, he pardons convicted child molesters. Just ask Jeremy Geifer. Geifer wanted a pardon so his wife could open a child care center!!!

  8. ggreen says

    Doesn’t he remind you of someone who approaches you unsolicited in a men’s room and won’t take no for an answer?

  9. kodiak says

    People like him want to freeze time through use of legislature and laws that they think will turn back a populist tide advancing contrary ideas to their own, all the while trumpeting for the government to stay out of people’s lives. Talk about jamming it down peoples’ throats! Suck this yo!

  10. Rob says

    What has happened to the state of Minnesota? It used to be a very progressive state occupied by residents with a liberal-leaning, Northern European background. Now the anti-gay, anti-transportation, anti-reality folks have taken over. Time for progressives in Minnesota to fight back and show the Minnesota is more about tolerance…not injustice!

  11. Jerry6 says

    It really does not matter who wants to run for Present in 2012 since the world is going to end this week. What! It was supposed to end Saturday night? You mean the Bible had something wrong in it again? Dang! Every time I start to believe something in the Bible might be true, it turns out to be wrong.
    When “Love thy neighbor as thy self”, and “Thow shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” do not seem to be working either, I’m beginning to believe that Abraham had it all wrong — His invention of a God has not worked. People are really just a bunch of animals that hate to see anyone else being happy.

  12. jaragon says

    Slick visual but the music sounds like it was lifted from a James Cameron epic-and yeah the creatures in “Avatar” seemed more interesting than this guy…