1. Zach says

    Cognitive dissonance no doubt arises for Republicans for Obama doing this, since – if the sequence of events from the last two years is accurate – it arose primarily out of decisions he made.

    And yes, Bin Laden has not been particularly relevant for years. But the past decade was indelibly shaped by September 11 – there would be no Afghanistan or Iraq, likely no second Bush term. Most people would still be woefully ignorant of Islam and the Middle East. Our culture has endlessly reflected on terrorism, paranoia, the ambiguity of conflict, patriotism, etc.

    Yes, the enormity of this death has been considerably diminished by time and other events, but this is quite the closing of a chapter.

  2. says

    It looks like the bed was moved to cover up the blood pooling from the head. There is a clear outline in the stain from where the body lay, improbably seeming to originate from underneath the bed. Observe there is no blood on the bed, which would have seeped through several layers of bedding to the mattress.

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