1. Bill says

    I can’t imagine the exhausting hours of research you spent to be able to make a statement like that. It’s awesome that you can speak for every parent of a gay child. I bet the interviews were fascinating.

  2. Matt says

    Crispy, Agreed!
    How could his dad not know he was gay? They have met, right?

    Anyway and seriously, best of luck to Tyler with his close-minded father. He’ll need it.

    In any event, Tyler will be just fine; this guy has talent and displayed an impressive amount of courage!!! YOU GO TYLER!

  3. torrentprime says

    Absolutes are always wrong.
    Some parents know, and lie to themselves and others, of course, but not every parent knows. Hell, sometimes, they kids themselves don’t know.

  4. Fenrox says

    I am loving this show. It’s a real game with real people. I never watch Idol or other reality shows but this one works for me! ALSO, Adam Levine is just too hot.

  5. says

    What gets me is that the US spends so much time focusing on the Westboro Baptists. The Phelps family didn’t convince anyone to vote for Prop 8. The Phelps family make up their own church, there are literally less than 100 Westboro Baptist Church members.

    And yet…they’re the ones every freaks out about. The LDS are far more insidious, as their hatred and intolerance is delivered, Anita Bryant smile, with a pious and fake smile, and a condescending attitude.

    I have manned LGBT Youth outreach support lines for a decade, the number of young LDS folks that call us is just through the roof.

    Check this out, it was printed with permission, a letter from a young gay mormon man to a family member:

    Fight the real enemy, and believe it or not it aint the Westboro Baptists, it’s the LDS, the Roman Catholic Church, the southern Baptists, the Evangelicals.

    And I’m not being a blanket-anti-Christian, I was raised in the United Church of Canada, and I still consider myself a member, yet my church and community in no way promote exclusivity of any kind: ecumenical humanist approaches to spirituality, and inclusivity understanding and LOVE for LGBT people, and people of all walks of life.

    So if anyone reading this is a member of a more-conservative religious denomination, don’t sit here and tell gay people that not all ________ are bad, get back to your fellow _________s and tell them that anti-gay discrimination and bigotry is not acceptable.

    Step your game up. For all this talk about how many people Osama Bin Laden has killed, we’re utterly ignoring the culture of hatred and prejudice in America that is killing our LGBT youth. How many people did Rick Santorum drive to suicide in the last year? How many young people were bullied because their peers’ parents promoted anti-gay rhetoric?

    How much longer does Utah’s suicide rate for young males have to be so high?

    Bigotry has no place in religion, and if any of you belong to a religious group that still promotes anti-gay ideologies, you have a responsibility on your shoulders to combat it, and challenge it, every single time you attend worship.

    for real.

  6. Bill says

    Wow, and his father is already “close-minded” even though the kid hasn’t come out to him yet. This site is a riot. It’s like a bitter queen convention. It amazes me that people demand rights and acceptance, without extending it to others. Thank goodness most people who comment on blogs don’t represent the average person.

  7. says

    And to Tyler’s mother, you have a responsibility to stand up for your child! All of this “let’s not tell your father until________” nonsense goes on for far too long in far too many families.

    Stand your ground. Remember your role as a parent and family member, and for the love of God stand up for your child. Demand that your husband and extended family stand up for your child, and if your husband gives you grief, you let him know that having a gay child will not be the shame of the family – having an anti-gay family member will be the shame of the family.

  8. says

    “Bill”, so far I’m not seeing you be all that different from the “bitter queens” you’re complaining about. Just because you make bitter comments about other people’s posts doesn’t mean you yourself are not a bitter queen.

    “It amazes me that people demand rights and acceptance, without extending it to others.”

    What do you, specifically, mean by this? What rights are we denying others? What acceptance are we denying others? WHICH others? I hope you’re not promoting the flawed 5th-grade-logic of “you need to tolerate someone else’s intolerance or else you’re intolerant”.

  9. Craig says

    How has the country music guy never heard of Folsom? It’s in the name of one of Johnny Cash’s most famous recordings and where he performed one of his most famous concerts (Folsom Prison Blues).

    Also, why does the description of this video say “Idahoan?” Folsom is in California, as Tyler says. (I lived there for a year… a miserable place to be gay, luckily Sacramento is close.)

  10. says

    He’s cuddly. Tired of the song but I liked listening to his take. I imagine we’ll see a style transformation. And a few dancing tips. Part of a show like this, of course.

  11. Bill says

    Kiwi – I don’t have any false notions that I will change anyone’s mind on the internet. If you read the comments people post on this blog and don’t see the asinine hypocrisy of “always”, “never” and “all of those people” then I certainly have no false notions of getting you to see my point. I don’t tolerate intolerance. That includes homophobia, racism, hate for an entire geographic area or religion, etc. We should expect from ourselves what we expect from others. Look at it this way: if you conclude that this guy’s father is a homophobe because they don’t have a close relationship, or he’s Mormon, or from Idaho, then how can you explain to a Mormon from Idaho who happens to run across these comments that you really aren’t an ass that hates all people from Idaho or all Mormons? None of us know every Mormon, and none of us know everyone from Idaho. Certainly, none of us know this guy, his father or the true nature of their relationship. I have often found that people change their negative opinions of gay people just by getting to know me. I bet there are Mormons and Idahoans out there that would be happy to challenge some stereotypes.
    I was mortified to tell my dad I was gay. A Christian farmer from the South isn’t everyone’s idea of a candidate for PFLAG president. We are closer than any father and son I know. He turned out to be a great challenge to my assumptions. I wouldn’t consider myself a bitter queen. Maybe more of a disappointed fairy. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

  12. says

    Well, Bill, rather than complaining about others, why not start the change with YOURSELF?

    Nobody is “making you” post bitter comments. You’re choosing to. So work on yourself first.

    This young man explained how he did not have a good relationship with his father. He’s a Mormon. He’s no doubt heard words about “gays” from his father. He’s expressing what he’s experienced, and many of hon here with gay ex-Mormon friends know very well what this young man is up against.

    This man is expressing his experience. As are we.

    In more than 10 years working queer youth support lines, i can say without hesitation that the most anxiety comes from young Mormons.

    Are there pro-LGBT Equality Mormons? If there are, they’re not doing nearly enough work to change their bigoted chosen religion from the inside. Not nearly enough at all.

  13. Gregv says

    I was struck by what I assumed to be a gay male couple immediately following this guy. It’s hard to tell with gay people most of the time since we tend to use more cryptic language when talking about our lives. But I heard something like, “we’ve been together for 10 years and he supports my dreams.” (“Together” can have a lot of meanings that are less clear than “married” or “in love with each other,” but I think they were a couple.)

  14. GregV says

    I watched it last night, and the only gay people I noticed were this guy that Towleroad featured (Tyler) and another guy right after him named Nakia who introduced his boyfriend (I re-watched that part today).
    Although I’ve read that there are four gay contestants, I’ve only seen two. Were the women on another night?

  15. Hans says

    Lankyguy, that’s exactly what I said. I was watching with my roommate, and my jaw just dropped. No matter how rocky the relationship, no one should find out their is gay on national tv.

    It reminds me of that episode of the Cosby Show when Vanessa brought home her fiance after never mentioning him to her parents, and they were pissed. Cliff said, you may be a very nice guy, but you have to realize that Vanessa brought you over to us like a nice, juicy steak…served on a garbage can lid.

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