1. RONTEX says

    Two of my favorite things together, I think I’ll have to watch and Justin at the end, “WHAT – EVER”, lol.

  2. james Brown says

    I LOVE when Justin Timberlake is on SNL! Can’t wait. And Lady Gaga makes it perfect!

  3. says

    This will be a ratings bonanza. Even I will watch, and every time I’ve watched this show recently (with the Betty White episode as an exception), it’s been consistently painfully unfunny.

  4. Michael in Toronto says

    Funny, I’ve never cared much for JT as a singer — but he is GENIUS in sketches whenever he’s on SNL.

  5. Rob says

    This should be fun. Sometimes the musical guest is in a sketch or two…certainly hope that’s the case this time!

  6. redball says

    My Queen looks so fierce here. Even I will watch this time around & I quit this show years ago!

  7. Dear John says

    2 of the most annoying people in the world together! Can the rapture come any sooner?

  8. JEFFUWS says

    Justin is always great on SNL. I hope Gaga makes an appearance on the two **** in the box guys

  9. MadM@ says

    Is it just me or does she look like late life Carrie Donovan in that still before the break?