1. Christian says

    I just kept watching waiting for it to get better, but it never did. It just never stopped. Oh god make it stop.

    Perhaps they need a new choreographer? Or makeup artist? – a little blending wouldn’t have hurt a few of those mugs. I long for the days of “California Gays” and the bevy of sunburned twinks. It was all so innocent then.

  2. Paul says

    Ah, yes, it wouldn’t be a gay blog comments section without miserable, nasty, mean, smarky remarks by sad, boring, no-talent faggots who are probably sitting on their fat arses doing sweet FA for anyone, let alone for the arts, their community, their own rights, or just for the cause of fun and a good time.

    Christian, Phil and Pinky probably can’t dance, either. And we all know what that means.

    Personally, Rihanna’s song ain’t my type of music, but bravo to those queens for making that production. That’s a frigging heap of work!

  3. Michael says

    This is pathetic behavior within this community.Especially the queens faggots bullshi! amazing how even after all the discrimination we go through on a daily basis.We STILL discriminate judge mock put down criticize and condemn EACH OTHER for the most part.

    Some gay guys are more feminine some are more masculine who gives a f!ck? Embrace the brotherhood and sisterhood of this community already ffs.

    The more we judge each other the more we will CONTINUE to be judged by others.Embrace the differences of this community already.

  4. Tanner Vale says

    Like with all of these videos, my only reaction is “that’s cute.” Because that’s what it is. Every gay-related anything doesn’t have to be MILK. Gays do silly things and put them on YouTube, just as straights do silly things and put them on YouTube. It’s ridiculous to hold gays to a higher standard because every gay person ever is supposed to be a role model or pillar of the community or clear example of artistic and intellectual self-completion or whatever.

    Silly people do silly things, and the silly people and silly things are really really gay. No reason to get upset.

  5. Tom says

    oh yea…anyone who says anything negative MUST be a boring no talent “faggot”
    overreact much? what are you one of the people in the video or something?

    and honestly you said all that as if lipsynching to random pop songs was considered “contributing to the arts” loololol

    i’m all about being against hating on feminine gay men and all that good stuff…but these videos are just really really bad.

  6. pharmerandy says

    I’m not going to comment on the guys’ looks or whether this was good or bad BUT how do they have the time and money to do these things?!

  7. Dback says

    Props to their brave rethinking of hetero paradigms (and music) from a queer perspective, but I can’t help feeling that after several of these videos, and with the increasing campiness of it all, somewhere somehow a shark has been jumped.

  8. Christian says

    @paul, I can’t begin to tell you where you’ve missed the mark with me, but I’m sure you don’t care and frankly neither do I.

    However, if you go back to Yezak’s first video “California Gays” on Towleroad, I was one of the first to comment, praising his fun loving production. This ‘faggot’ (so much for giving back to the community) has no problem giving props, when they’re deserved. This didn’t deserve them.

  9. Jon says

    The thought that goes through my head when I watch things like this is to remember how desperate I was as a teenager for any image or representation of gay people in any kind of media. I just remember watching videos on MTV, looking for any sign of someone gay, and trying to read secret gay meaning into every song lyric. And today, thanks to the fact that technology has completely decentralized the ability to make and distribute things like this, gay kids don’t have to desperately search — they can find all kinds of representations out there, from the light and fluffy to the serious and heartfelt.

    Regardless of what I think of this particular video, it’s just a sign that the world is a much better place to be a gay kid than it ever used to be.

  10. redball says

    I thought the video would be horrid based on these comments! I didn’t think it was bad at all. The rapid-fire scene cutting was a little annoying maybe, but some of it was really nice b/c it added a zany sort of energy that I liked. And that Anthony Saldana…he looks like a blend of all the hot (mostly Italian, for some reason) jocks whom I went to high school with and secretly lusted after (even though I was questioning and scared at the time). I’m not mad at that…at all! fapfapfap

  11. Tommyz says

    Really – the comments tell us more about the gay community than the video.

    I found it enjoyable. Dancing was good – video production was decent – my questions though are “Why?” – Is Mr. Yezak highlighting his skills to advertise for other projects – are these simply audition tapes for his portfolio – is he making anything on this?

    I have to say if no to the above – seems like a waste of time and money – even though I thoroughly have enjoyed all of them.

  12. Mixer says

    I admire the creativity and gumption of the creators of this video. The production values are good.

    The video could be better served with stronger choreography, dancing, and less lip synching. Some of the best music videos have no one on screen singing/lip-synching and, instead, focus on the story being told.

    I’m sure with a little schooling in direction and storytelling, the director will improve.

  13. Beau says

    Ok, I’ll probably piss-off somebody, but I want to know where to get a white tux with a train and all. I actually liked the concept and design.(so effin’ sue me!) : D

  14. kodiak says

    Good production values. Hot guys. Love the gymnastics. Not a fan
    of the song. I’m not big on pop songs. But I like that they took a big hit by a big star and did it their way. Say no to white lip gloss.

    The beginning of the video with cupid and the tiny wings-I wish it went in that more fantastic “fairytale” direction a la James Bidgood.
    That’s my personal preference.

  15. says

    Its the dichotomy of self-perceived-to-be-masculine versus feminine gays. Actual masculine guys dont care about your mannerisms. Its a sad divine in our community. 99% of the time Ive met ‘masculine’ guys they are just a queeny as anyone else, just trying sooo hard to be macho. Its kinda pathetic.

  16. barry d. says

    I liked it. It took a lot to do this.
    KUDOS to all in the video.
    more of us should have the courage to do things like this.
    I bet they had a blast doing this video.
    we should all be so talented and yeah it took talent to do this maybe not singing talent or musical taletn but a certain amount of talent to come up with and execute the idea.
    I applaud the entire endeavor and we should have more who are willing to put this much work into a project.

  17. Nick says


    Thank you for being comfortable with your homophobia. It’s good to see someone like you being so free with your disgust and revulsion with the “majority” of gay men. Why do we need the bigots when we have you here?


  18. jexer says

    Could you all be a little more judgemental? Geeeeze.

    I thought it was a little unpolished but still cute… but then again, I like studs with guyliner.

    But ya’ll go ahead with your “I’m so bitchy” oneupmanship.

  19. Will says

    You don’t see black people doing a “black parody” of the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video. In fact NO other group perpetrates such silliness, and calls it “the Korean version!” or “the Jewish version! HAHAHA SOO FUNNY!” I don’t know what’s worse – that little gay young’uns watch these and think “oh so I’m supposed to be like that when I get older?” or that somehow if you gay-ify something, it’s a PARODY! These used to be cute, and maybe even high-brow (when drag was involved), but I’m tired of silly people appropriating the gay identity for PARODIES, and then calling me a bitter “faggot” if I don’t like it.

  20. redball says

    Will, you might want to search “jewish version of” in Youtube and see the TONS of parodies over there. We get it: you don’t like the video. It’s a matter of personal taste, no more, no less.

  21. TitusInChains says

    The absence of Christian is felt quite strongly in the last few efforts. Because even when the earlier videos descended into no holds barred, no-end-in-sight campiness, the dancing was done so well that it carried you through to the end. I feel bad criticizing the current choreographer, but the dancing reminds me of Britney’s most recent videos, where she seems unable or unwilling to muster even a fraction of the excellence that used to define her choreography and has instead replaced it with a strange hybrid vogue-tableau that strives to make “pretty pictures” instead of showcasing the excellent dancing skills she once was known for.

    I admire Ryan and company for the time and effort they expend in creating these videos, and probably shouldn’t criticize, but I can’t help but notice a general decline since the apex of the Peacock video. However, that’s only my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.

  22. Normal Homo says

    Why? Just…oh God, why?

    I really wanted to like this video, and the guys in it certainly are goodlooking. However, I would stop short of saying they are handsome or attractive except maybe to each other.

    This video tests the tolerance of even gay people. One would argue that it may even be horrifying to people who are considering coming out of the closet.

    Question: is this what happens to men and boys once they decide to come out? Are they suddenly surrounded by extremely effeminate guys who rush to train them in the latest dance moves, lipsync hair & makeup tips? Will all of that glitter get in my eyes? Will I ever be able to be retain my masculinity or will I be forever a “girl”?

    Too many horrifying questions, too much in your face queenliness. This video probably plays well in Fire Island or Key West but probably only in the 1 or 2 gayest blocks.

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