Defense Secretary Gates Suggests ‘DADT’ Repeal Could Be Certified This Month

In an interview with the AP, Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggested that "if the top officers of each service recommend moving ahead on the repeal before the end of the month" he would endorse it:

Gates The move to end the ban on gay services could be one of Gates’ final acts as defense chief.

More than a million U.S. troops have been trained on the new law that repealed the 17-year-old ban on gays serving openly in the armed services, and Gates said the instruction has gone well.

“I think people are pretty satisfied with the way this process is going forward,” he said. “I think people have been mildly and pleasantly surprised at the lack of pushback in the training.”

If the repeal is certified by the end of the months, troops could be serving openly as soon as September.


  1. Joshua says

    You want to see the fastest way for us to receive equal rights? This is it. Having troops serving together along out gay service members is going to move our quest for equality to the forefront.

    All these local yocals who don’t know a gay person and vote against us because it’s bad??? They’re going to get a chance to know and even be friends with gays.

    And yes, there are not going to be tons of people out but when you serve with someone day in and out … you learn about them. It’s impossible not to. This now allows us to say we are gay when it’s asked.

    My father, a retired Marine Drill Sergent who voted red for as long as I can remember and was openly homophobic, changed his stance when I came out. Though a Republican at heart, he won’t vote for a candidate that is anti-gay.

    This is going to change our world within a few years.

  2. Phil says

    @ Joshua,

    I’ve always thought that DADT repeal was the domino that would knock all the other dominoes over. The enforced invisibility of gay and bisexual men in the military is the lynchpin of homophobia in this country. It’s true enough that lesbians are victims of prejudice, but the fundamentalist Christians and other haters are primarily obsessed with making people believe the nasty fiction that they’ve created about gay and bisexual men.

    When DADT is gone, two things happen. First, straight men discover that gay and bi men are just as capable of supporting them in times of war or peace as any other men. Second, the American population, both male and female, discovers the existence of soldiers who are just as heroic as any others, and who are no longer forced to hide their private lives. When this happens, homophobia fall to the ground because its central assumptions are proven false.

  3. says

    Make no mistake: Gates is NOT our friend. Anyone who’s looked behind the curtain, behind the smoke and mirrors, read more than HRC propaganda knows that Gates is the SOLE reason any vote on even this weak repeal “compromise” didn’t happen until the end of Obama’s 2nd year in office, nearly fell over the cliff to its death, and that the ban is STILL law close to six months after repeal authorization was signed.

    Clearly, control of it was a condition Repug Gates imposed on Obama for agreeing to stay on as SECDEF, and, betraying his explicit promise to fight for repeal the moment he took office, Obama surrendered.

    Technically, both Gates and Mullen REPORT TO Obama, so who’s ultimately to blame for this charade about “training” continuing?

    Bottom line: if Gates’ power trip has been sufficiently exercised to his satisfaction by June 30th,the certification will happen; if not, it won’t. In any case, no applause but rather a plague on his homophobic house.

    In January, DADT expert and Director of the Palm Center, Aaron Belkin spoke the ugly truth Obamabotic Gay, Inc., didn’t want us to hear: “The Pentagon could easily repeal the ban TODAY if there was the POLITICAL will. The foot-dragging is not about some sincere or legitimate sense that the troops need to be trained on how to deal with gays; it’s because [homophobic senior military brass in the process of retiring] don’t want to be around when the policy happens.” – The Washington Blade, January 6, 2011.

  4. BABH says

    @leonard: Your passion is heartwarming, but your facts are off. Sec. Gates deserves as much credit as Pres. Obama or Sen. Lieberman for making repeal happen this year rather than in 2013. And a couple months ahead of schedule, no less!

  5. me says

    what’s going on with the court case? they could just tell the military to end DADT immediately if they wanted. they did in the fall but then it was stayed i believe… when’s the next hearing? it would be great if it were before the military got around to it, and the court (again) mandated that they immediately end DADT.

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