Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Condemns the Empire State Building’s Rainbow Show of Pride

Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council, is not happy that the Empire State Building lit up in rainbow colors on Friday night following the marriage equality victory in NY.

Writes Perkins, in part:

Empire People at the Empire State Building said it was a coincidence. Officials explained that it takes hours to change the lights. But there was no mistaking the message Friday night when the highest point in the city lit up like a towering rainbow, its colors blazing across the New York skyline. Like a warning flare, the reds and blues and greens exploded over the city, announcing the arrival of same-sex "marriage" to the world. Overnight, New York had become a beacon in the fight for family–a symbol of people who had lost their way…

When the law goes into effect next month, New York will be the sixth and largest state to shatter the definition of marriage in America. To understand the devastation of that defeat, consider this. Within hours, the number of people living in jurisdictions with same-sex "marriage" doubled. 

…Despite all of the disappointment, God is on the move. Regardless of how things appear, never doubt that He is at work behind the scenes. Rainbow colors may cut through the New York night, but shadows are where you and I are called to shine. The world takes advantage of the darkness, but only the church can set it ablaze. "Arise… for your light has come… See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn." (Isaiah 60:1-3)

The Family Research Council has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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  1. Butch says

    I guess I should be outraged but that text made me laugh out loud. “God is on the move?”

  2. paul says

    does he the Empire State building…NO!! then it should not concern him. STFU Perkins!!

  3. Chadd says

    Any one want to take bets on how long it takes for Perkins (or Robertson, etc) to blame the next natural disaster (anywhere in the world) on NY Marriage Equality? My money is on 20 minutes.

  4. AllBeefPatty says

    “but shadows are where you and I are called to shine.”

    Yep! Just like the bathroom stalls where you and Larry Craig hang out.

    What a piece of trash!

  5. mrmnyc says

    I venture to say that God’s movement IS shining through, as evidenced by the Empire State Building, despite the shadows of the religious right.

  6. Matt26 says

    Is TP religious if he gives a statement and ends it with a quote from the Bible? (In this case, he should have quoted some other verse.) Nothing is easier than take one verse and make a conclusion with it. I don’t like how TP and others try to own the Bible.

  7. jomicur says

    Colored lights! Oh, what could possibly be worse? It’s the end of civilization, I tell ya!

  8. Steve says

    According to Genesis, rainbows are the sign of the covenant between his god and humans

  9. RICK says

    The true followers of Satan will never identify themselves as such, but rather teach hate and intolerance in God’s name.

  10. MT says

    But Leonard says the end of civilization is people who are invited at 4:00 and arrive at 2:30. I’m pretty sure Leonard has a better argument than TP.

  11. sleepy bear says

    As someone who grew up in a fundamentalist church led by people like Mr. Perkins, I can attest that what they worship is no recognizable deity… they worship division and attempted dominance over anybody that they deem “unworthy.” Their “spirituality” is found in lynching verbally, and, if they could get away with it literally, people who fall outside their incestuous cabal.

    It is an “us” against “them” mentality interwoven with violent imagery using bible verses and catchphrases like “Satan”, “evil”, and “God’s glory.” Their self ratcheting hatred is almost masturbatory. Fortunately, I think people are just simply tired of being blasted by their spewage and their numbers are quickly waning.

  12. Pete n SFO says

    Does anyone know if as he states, “the ESB said it was a coincidence”?

    Did they mean that it was lit for PRIDE & was perfect for the momentous day? Or was this pic from another date entirely as I read somewhere on-line?

  13. Robert says

    What is with these right wing religious wackos and their obsession with gays and gay sex? I don’t know of any other group quite like them. These right wing conservatives live in a constant state of fear, paranoia as evidenced by the caliber of candidate the GOP is putting forward for elective office.

    Why is it they think they can impose their religious views on the rest of us and play the victim card when their bigotry is exposed? I just don’t get it.

  14. Nat says

    God is ‘on the move’? God moves to answer the outrageousness of gay marriage, but he doesn’t do a thing to stop the Holocaust, the slaughter in Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the genocides in Rwanda or Darfur?

  15. Lonewillow says

    GARDAR..says Mr. Perkins is on the GARDAR and brightly too…One has to wonder when he will be caught with his panties down around his ankles? Surely, it will happen…GAYDAR is seldom wrong….Tony get your own house in order before screaming at the rest of the world…..CLOSETED, my dear, CLOSETED!!!

  16. dizzy spins says

    The ESB is lit rainbow for Pride every year—just like its red and green for Christmas, green for St Pat’s day etc. That part was planned well in advance. The fact that marriage equality happened on Pride Friday was a coincidence. SHEESH

  17. jaragon says

    Man these bigots are real sore losers- they must be terrified of having their hate mongering racket dry up.

  18. Gavin says

    FRC is working in the shadows… He then follows that with a quote from scripture that paints the good people, to whom nations and kings will draw from that darkness, as the ones working in the light…

    Seems we’re good!

  19. Bryan says

    Do we really regard anything any nutcase bigot or organization thereof says to be news?

    I’d rather see this space to devoted to intelligent LGBTQ commentary on Pride, last week’s decision in the NY legislature, or just about anything other than this obsessive focus on hate mongering pterodactyls who’re dying out faster than they can reproduce.