1. Chadd says

    It seems that Britney has completely given up on dancing because she didn’t do any in this video. Thanks for the hot cop and the guy at the end tho.

  2. redball says

    Oh my! I like this new Britney! Flashing a motorist, pedestrians, and a cop, then getting frisked and friskY with said cop. I also love the unexpected nod to “Thriller” at the end–funny in its own right but also funny b/c many tweens who love Britney will not get the reference.

  3. adam says

    I’m sorry but I have no interest in an autotuned fake like Britney Spears who rips off her fans by pretending to sing at concerts for which she charges hundreds of dollars. She’s a rip-off artist of the first order who wears a microphone to give the appearance of actual singing when in fact she’s miming.

    Please, towleroad, can you promote artists who actually have talent and who actually respect their fans? Britney ain’t one of them.

  4. Justin says

    That’s Guillermo Díaz at the end…an openly gay Latino actor (one of the few) of Weeds fame, and some bit parts in B movies (e.g. Cop Out). I wonder why he’s showin up in music videos – he must really like Britney! Or maybe he liked the “message” in the video, so philosophical…

  5. Rafael C says

    @ADAM – A bit selfish of you to make such request – no? FYI there is a weekly music column here.. its pretty amazing – so STFU. Not sure why, but I like this… it reminds of the 17yo Brit Brit! Plus… is there a hidden message about how she feels everyday of her life, for the past few years?

  6. Sean Mac says

    Guillermo Diaz was the transgender lead in LGBT docudrama “Stonewall”, starred alongside Parker Posy in “Party Girl”, paved the way for Neil Patrick Harris to be take ‘hetero stoner’ roles in work with Dave Chapelle in movies and TV, and currently is starring in Showtime’s hit television show “Weeds”. What has the “cute cop” done? Why was Guillermo left out of the lede?

  7. kodiak says

    Okay, let’s make the homo version. Dude in Britney role grabs dudes crotch after signing cd. Dude then walks by stroller and a baby wolf whistles at dude. Dude flashes preteen with parent.
    Dude gets “frisked” by hawt cop. Pack of dogs look at Dude and their “lips” are animated, like they wanna suckle or something. Dudes sexual charisma overpowers all. Dude in car with crazy dude who does a milk ‘money shot’ on himself. Screw marriage equality! I want video equality!!! Now!

  8. Glenn says

    The HOT COPE is Adrien Galo, who not only is a dancer on Britney’s current tour, but he also danced in the new feature musical I wrote, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR. He appears in the JUSTIN’S GONNA CALL number.

  9. Rowan says

    Oh poor Brit Brit!

    Why didn’t she MOVE OUT of Hollywood if the paparazzi were always after her?

    Are we really that stupid that we have forgotten how she used to get percentages from them when they would snap pictures?

    Wow, human beings and selective memories. I bet we forgot when she nearly dropped her son too. Or that she flashed her vagina and her kids will have to see that. Or the fact that she has been having sex in front oh her children as said by court records. Or the fact that there were pictures of her smoking near her son who picked up a cig. Or that Kevin ferderline was her drug dealer.


    Never mind. Instead let’s be really self righteous when a gay actor doesn’t come out but does so much work for the community.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    I think Brit Brit needs to travel to another country for a while, and get a totally new perspective on life. Maybe somewhere in Asia or India, so she can get some of that spark back. I just see dead eyes all the time. She’s already done the “I hate paparazzi” video, so this doesn’t feel new.

    Love Guillermo! So AMAZING in STONEWALL! if you have not seen him in that movie, turn your gay card in.

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