1. Kenton says

    Equality NC wants to play fair? Gays need to start fighting back. More people need to get arrested and disrupt things. Playing fair didn’t work for Minnesota or Rhode Island.

  2. blatherer says

    I commend these brave people who dared to disrupt the republicans dirty dealings. This bill goes way beyond simply banning gay marriage. It bans any sort of recognition of same sex unions for the whole state, including private businesses.

  3. kodiak says

    I’m sorry Equality NC, but these people put their bodies in the face of those who want to legislate them outta existence. Can’t ignore that like you can a bunch of signatures. We need more of this behavior, and no apologies for it.

  4. Attmay says

    Ian Palmquist is just a Gay Inc. mediocrity singing “Billy, Don’t Be A Hero” to those who actually do something to get the job done.

    James, Angel, and Mary Beth are heroes.

  5. John K. says

    Have to agree. The time to play nice is over. Time to start making people’s lives miserable.

  6. John D'Ambra says

    The REAL VOTE is in. WE MUST STAND UP FOR WHO WE ARE, whether that means arrest ir worse, to stop the hate/violence mongering bigots; be they the “deep south” who thought nothing of murdering people of “color” or all the despicable “politicians” who will do anything to stop the QUEERS/FAGS/GAYS/Cs’s.