1. C says

    Wow. I find that impressive and heartening. It sounds like they are showing their acceptance of all their employees, not telling others what they have to do or think. Simply, plainly, boldly stated. Thank you, Ms. Sally. Sign me up for an account!

  2. Brian says

    Notice how the people who support are happy to be on camera stating their views while the dissenters are making off-camera posts on a Facebook wall.

  3. Francis says

    Thank God someone in our city did something right on this issue for a change.

    As for the wingnuts complaining, it’s really few and far between. A minority of bigots who still want their day to be able to castigate gays as evil sinners who are in the closet. Glad to see more and more standing up against their hate.

  4. Jason says

    I know the lady in the interview! haha. When I first saw the flag downtown, I was quite shocked. Although, I probably should not have been because Richmond is surprisingly accepting, especially The City itself. Capital One and Dominion are two other very large area employers who really embrace diversity.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    C: You have to be a financial institution to have an account with the Federal Reserve (which, btw, isn’t federal and has no reserves).

  6. Gigi says

    Nice one. I live in Canada and even still was surprised to see a Pride Flag proudly on display at St. Michael’s hospital in the ER. The hospital is downtown but St. Mike’s? It made me very happy!

  7. kodiak says

    It’s cute, really. The gay employees working in that bank are probably quite happy. I bet their productivity has doubled. I would consider opening an account if I lived there. (I wonder if the bank thought about that). First instance I can think of a rainbow flag not in a parade or on a bumper sticker or a beach house. Yay!

  8. ratbastard says

    LOL………All corporations like Richmond Bank ‘celebrate’ diversity in 2011 and have done so now for a LONG time. It extends right down to hiring quotas, although they give quotas a different name like benchmarks, because quotas are technically illegal.


    Sally Green said, chief operating officer at the bank: “We strongly support a diverse and inclusive culture at the Richmond Fed and have learned that it is important to value and embrace differences, both seen and unseen. We are flying the ‘Pride’ flag as an example of our commitment to the values of acceptance and inclusion.”

    ———–*roll eyes*————– PATHETIC corporate-speak. I was going to do a plain English translation of this woman’s contrived spiel, but it would cause too many hissy fits.

  9. kodiak says

    oops! I thought it was a local bank! LOL! note to self: no posting before that first cup of coffee while online laying in bed. (My Inner Minnie Pearl still wants to go into the “bank” and try to open an account though)

  10. ratbastard says

    And the Federal Reserve really isn’t a bank. This institution is responsible for playing a HUGE role in our current economic debacle. I guess putting up rainbow flags and ‘celebrating’ diversity is a nice distraction from reality and answering hard questions.

  11. Ian says

    @Kodiak, not sure what area of the country you live in. But you will be happy to know that in many places here in the Northeast, rainbow flags can be found hanging in front of many businesses and homes. It’s a warm and welcome sight whenever I see it!

  12. ruby says

    If you call the main number, the operator can connect you to their communications voicemail box. You can leave a message. She said they are listening to every message left. Easy!
    Main: 804-697-8000

  13. Sergio says

    I think it’s nice to celebrate all cultures and beliefs. I wonder if they’ll fly a Christian flag during September, celebrating Christian Heritage Month? Just saying…

  14. says

    I am so glad they did this in the city I live in… already a State Rep has sent a letter to have it removed and I feel our biased Gov (who has a trangendered brother/sister-inlaw) will have it ripped down… but it is a Federal building and Obama did recognize June as Pride Month (in so many words)… bring on the press… I am there tomorrow after work for a picture…

  15. says

    Infinite upside: those who normally wouldn’t get into this discussion will now have to talk about how the Richmond Fed is NOT a federal institution (despite the name). Like the ones who are flipping out from behind the safety of their keyboards about the sickening thought of a “federal building” flying a rainbow flag.

    Worth it. Oh and hoo-rah diversity and all that…

  16. Mundus says


    “more sick depraved liberals working in our federal government ..trying to push the gay social agenda of depravity”

    Let’s have a big round of applause, ladies and gentleman, for ronaldreagan, who, today, joins us from our studio in the 1950s…

  17. Mykelb says

    @RonaldReagan: Aside from the fact that the Federal Reserve is not a federal organization…

    The constitution clearly tells us that the government cannot favor any particular religion, whereas it does not mention Pride Month. Clearly, the founders thought the Christians were far more damaging to society than the LGBT community.

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