News: Colton Haynes, Ugly Betty, AIDS, Don Lemon, Syria

Road 30 years in, we are still learning from AIDS.

RoadNYC AIDS groups battle Bloomberg over cuts to services.

RoadCondom maker targets gay men with fast application technology.

Palinbus RoadSarah Palin's bus gets tagged in NYC, her Constitution rewritten.

RoadJill Abramson to replace Bill Keller as Executive Editor of the New York Times. "The move was accompanied by another prominent management shift at The Times. Dean Baquet, the Washington bureau chief, will become the new managing editor, marking the first time in eight years that the paper’s top newsroom positions have turned over."

RoadHorrific video of Syrian teen Hamza Ali al-Khatib tortured to death by government security forces inspires international condemnation and riots.

RoadGuillermo del Toro's dark vision of Pinocchio.

RoadUgly Betty star Eric Mabius says anti-gay exec sabotaged show: "I'm pretty sure that the first teenage romantic kiss between two boys on network television was on our show, but did you hear anything about it? Was it promoted? The punishment was apparent every week. When they would run teasers for the next week's episode of other shows, they didn't even do those for us. That's how little support we had. It's short-sighted and silly. There was an undeniable feeling that the show was over at least a season early."

RoadLiev Schreiber, shirtless, at a water park.

Haynes RoadAttorney for Colton Haynes tries to 'de-gay' the actor's presence on the internet prior to the premiere of the new series Teen Wolf by demanding sites remove photos from old, suggestive XY magazine shoot

RoadFormer Iowa Republican state senator comes out for marriage equality: "At a news conference Wednesday in Des Moines, Jeff Angelo said the group is called Iowa Republicans for Freedom. He wants the group to encourage rank-and-file Republicans to support same-sex marriage as a principle of individual liberties."

RoadResearchers: Gay men in serious relationships have false sense of security about unsafe sex and contracting HIV.

RoadRadio talk show host and conservative columnist Peter Heck calls Don Lemon's coming out part of a "fad" by celebrities: "…there is absolutely no courage to be found in following what has become an alarming fad amongst the entertainment glitterati by joining the LGBT crowd. Does anyone actually think that in the politically correct world of American media there was any chance Don Lemon was going to be publicly criticized amongst his peers for such a declaration?"

RoadWant to see a sneak peek of Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

Robbie_williams RoadRobbie Williams to launch menswear range.

RoadScientists discover "worms from hell".

RoadMunich, Germany plans memorial to homosexual victims of Nazism: "The memorial will form part of a new pedestrian development in the center of Munich and will be placed at the corner of Oberanger and Dultstrasse, outside what was the Scwharzfischer (The black fisherman), a famous gay bar in the 30s."

RoadGrilled cheese lovers rejoice.

RoadMuslim leaders in Ghana petition government over threat gays present to nation.

RoadShapewear for men sees bulge in sales.

RoadNFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon says he had gay teammates: "I think I have played with a couple of players who have been gay. I know of a couple of players, who I won’t mention their names because they have not made it public yet. It really doesn’t bother me what your sexual preference is as along as you don’t bring in your sexual preferences to the locker room. I think that should be for homosexuals and heterosexuals. That’s a personal part of your life you should deal with in that way. As long as your coming to the football team and bringing a positive influence, that’s all that matters to me."


  1. Francis says

    Eric Mabeus’ statements are pretty representative of, even though the acting field is made up of tons and tons of non-heterosexuals, why most of them remain closeted to this day.

  2. says

    “Does anyone actually think that in the politically correct world of American media there was any chance Don Lemon was going to be publicly criticized amongst his peers for such a declaration?”

    Um, you mean like the criticism you’re serving up right now?

  3. JFE says

    The title and reporting of that study about gay men in “serious relationships” and contracting HIV is ridiculous in that it should have emphasized that the study was focused on 16-20 year olds, certainly when men are at their horniest and most promiscuous.

    And let the anti-gay reporting commence NOW.

  4. Mstrozfckslv says

    last week I would have said Bashar Al-Asad of Syria would survive the arab spring

    But the creation of a 13 yr old political martyr = I give him less than a month

  5. Will says

    The problem with the “slimming” underwear is what do you do when you take the guy home and undress? Do you laugh at his vanity when you see them, or do you show him the door when his love handles and gut have more bulge than the crotch whan all is said and done?

    That said, these garments could do nothing for me. After all, can’t break the laws of physics.

  6. Bryan says

    “Shapewear!” Yes – that’s it, the answer to my prayers!

    I hated myself. I was never good enough. No one ever really love me. I was ashamed of my ordinary body. I didn’t look like the people in the pictures. I was human garbage, waisting my life, day after day, just waiting to die.

    Now when I sit beached on the sofa swilling the other kind of six pack and munching new Macho Smegma Cheesey Poofs, and I wear my new $200 girdle and love myself for who I truly am.

    “Baby, you were born this way!” And if this way doesn’t include abs of steel and biceps the size of your thighs, well… You might as well not have been born at all.

  7. Paul R says

    @JFE: I completely agree and was about to write the very same thing. For the researcher to say HIV prevention efforts should focus on men in relationships instead of single guys is absolutely ridiculous given that his subjects are teenagers. At that age there’s rarely any such thing as a “serious” relationship, much less a long one (I don’t count a relationship as long if it’s less than a couple years).

    Guys who have been together 5, 10, or 20 years and are either monogamous or extremely safe when they’re not have every right–and little risk–to not use condoms. What a stupid article. Hell, lots of guys aren’t even out at that age, much less in relationships. If you focus prevention on that small segment, you’ll be serving a very small demographic. Prevention messages should reach everyone.

  8. says

    $5 for a ******* grilled cheese sandwich? You’ve got to be ******* kidding.

    Real smart move in this climate (I hope your business dies).

  9. Ethan says

    I initially assumed Colton Haynes wanted the gay photos of him removed because he was just some straight guy who wasn’t comfortable looking like a homo to his female fanbase. But the attorney’s letter actually gives it a different spin. In addition to saying the pics are pornographic and feature an (at-the-time) underage boy, the letter also says, “The public disclosure of, and wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, constitutes an invasion of privacy and is actionable in most jurisdictions” etc. In other words, the attorney’s letter seems to imply to me that Colton was “caught” doing something of his own accord that he doesn’t want shared.
    Regardless of what’s going on, it’s pretty hilarious that the suppression of these pics is now giving them even more attention than they would have otherwise had (gee, what a surprise).
    And, as a sidenote, regardless of Colton being gay or straight, WTF is up with a young, 21st-century actor dude being not okay looking gay? I thought we were past this…

  10. Paul R says

    @Rodney William: I challenge you to find a hot sandwich in San Francisco for less than $5. There are a few Vietnamese places in the Tenderloin that sell sandwiches for maybe $4, but other than that it’s not a crazy price, especially for something with no wait time.

    Add in that he’s using specialty bread and a variety of cheeses, and it seems perfectly reasonable. Some sandwiches are incredibly expensive around here, running $8-12. The most-praised sandwich place, Ike’s, is even more expensive (but the sandwiches are huge and delicious).

    Not sure why the article says San Francisco shuts down at 10. In the business district, yes. But in the Castro, Mission, and other neighborhoods, no.

  11. says

    @Paul: In Columbus, Ohio I can buy cheddar cheese and a loaf of bread. Cost per sandwich: less than .30 cents.
    The price is outrageous.

  12. Yuki says

    That article is completely misleading. The guy’s saying that monogamous couples in serious relationships need to get tested a few times before ceasing to use condoms, not that they’re at higher risk.

    As for Colton Haynes, wasn’t that photoshoot published in a magazine?

    As for the grilled cheese article… they mention Chipotle, but you CAN get healthy(ish) things there, it has more nutrition to it than just cheese and bread, and you always have the option of saving half the burrito for another meal.

  13. says

    @RODNEY WOLLAM: umm, eating out is always more than eating in. But no cooking cooking or dishes and someone else’s inspiration. False comparison. And I would certainly hope most things are cheaper in Columbus.

  14. says

    Oh, and perhaps you’ve heard of a little struggling company that sells “way over-priced, burnt-tasting” coffee? I hear they’re just about to go bankrupt!

  15. jon.luddite says

    Don Lemon was out to his family, co-workers, and in his every day life. I sort of hate reading that he “came out” as if he suddenly saw the light. It’s not like he’s been hiding in the closet for the last 40 years. I know a lot of folks who follow this blog disagree, but I understand a news guy’s need to keep himself or herself out of the story.

  16. jon.luddite says

    Oh, and $5 for a grilled sandwich is a bargain (at least here in NYC). Can’t really imagine that it’s THAT different in Columbus. Love me some grilled cheeze.

  17. Suffern ACE says

    I’m not certain a legal argument based on “i didn’t know I was going to be famous now or I wouldn’t have posed for those pictures published in a magazine” is going to go very far in the court system for Colton.

  18. says

    You people are paying way too much to eat. Perhaps you should re-examine your budgets and look at maybe throwing that money at someone who can really use it.
    You know, 44 million people in this country are living in poverty.

  19. Paul R says

    @Rodney: again, yes you can make a sandwich at home using crap bread and “cheese,” and spend time and effort and butter and everything else that goes into making it. But as others have noted, $5 is not a lot for a good sandwich from a takeout restaurant.

    The company is using artisanal bread ($4 a loaf, which comes to perhaps 6 pairs of bread, or 65 cents) and quality cheese (at least $1). We’re not talking about Wonder bread and Kraft slices of plastic-wrapped “American cheese.” (Even using those, I doubt you could make one for 30 cents, at least not one I’d care to eat.) And your order is ready in one minute.

    If you can find cheap sandwiches in your area that are freshly made and available immediately, good for you! But in major urban areas, $5 is perfectly acceptable given the convenience and quality the company’s founder has sought. Ever noticed that prices are higher in big cities? So are salaries. Everything is relative.

  20. says

    By the way, we have a chain of resturaunts here in the area called “Tee-Jayes”. They sell grilled cheese for $2.99 and it comes with a side of fries.
    You ask me, that’s a reasonable price.

  21. Tyron says

    I’m guessing the Colton Haynes is getting way more attention and press than he might have expected or desired as a result of the email put forth by someone representing themselves as his attorney. Whether Haynes is or isn’t gay, which quite honestly is of no interest to me, his every move is now going to be closely watched and the subject of much gossip, rumor and innuendo. This is absolutely not the type of publicity any young actor, gay or otherwise, would want at this early point in their career.

    To Mr. Haynes I would suggest that if attorney Bryan J. Freedman is actually being paid to represent him they should sit down and seriously rethink the handling of the publicity monster they have now created. Colton Haynes might want to consider the power of the media (especially the internet) and check out the thousands of entries that are now speculating on his personal sexuality.

    While I certainly believe that Colton’s sexuality is his own business. However, there are now many out there who are going to make it their personal mission to determine and expose it. And for this Mr. Haynes has no one to blame but himself and an overzealous attorney.