Space Needle To Permanently Lower Rainbow Flag


Remember when the officials who run the Space Needle in Seattle capped the landmark building with the rainbow flag during pride month last year? Looks like the flag hoisting won't happen this year or, for that matter, ever again. Says a Space Needle rep:

“We don’t make a habit of flying flags on top of the Space Needle and we make an effort not to  fly any flags on a recurring basis,” she said.

Bacarella said the Space Needle is giving the flag to the group, Seattle Out & Proud, which will be marching with it this year.

“Though we are not flying the flag this year, the photos of it flying last year continue to be a source of pride for everyone in our community,” she said. ” We are also working with Seattle Out and Proud on a major fundraiser to benefit the LGBT community.

Some gay rights advocates are challenging the decision and want to see the flag flying over the Space Needle once again. has started a petition to do just that. Sign it here.


  1. Danny says

    Dunno what’s with Seattle: In NYC the Empire State building is floodlit in lavendar during Pride and a lavendar line is painted down the middle of Fifth Avenue for the entire parade route.

  2. Blackhawke says

    To the contrary, they have assured the community that it will fly at some point in the future but we shouldn’t count on it being a regular thing. Yeah, they don’t want to fly flags on a recurring basis or be the “community flagpole”. That is, until one of our sports teams makes it into the playoffs. I guess repeatedly flying the flags of these sports teams rates more than equality.

  3. princely54 says

    Exactly, Blackhawke! When I lived in Seattle my condo faced the needle and I had a clear shot of it for the 9 years I lived in the unit. There were PLENTY of flags flown (Seahawks ’12th’ man flag, US flag, Sonics flag, Mariners flag…) so for them to say ‘we don’t make a habit of it’ is not entirely accurate. Plus they do the red lights for cancer, the green for St Patricks and the Xmas tree atop it every year. I think they can safely fly the Pride flag now and again.

  4. Ari R. says

    I think the gesture was very nice to fly the flag. I happen to think the rainbow flag looks cheap and junky. I’d rather see something like an HRC = flag, though. It would be a lot nicer for a sophisticated city like Seattle.

  5. Tim NC says

    I think they should fly it for at least some time during the month. But, it seems like a bit too much to expect them to fly the flag for the entire month every year.

  6. Reverse Polarity says

    The Space Needle is unquestionably Seattle’s most iconic landmark. However, it is a private company, not a public entity. They flew the pride flag last year, and that was super. But they are no more obligated to fly the pride flag every year than my neighbor across the street. The Space Needle is not a public flag pole. We don’t get to vote on which flags they fly and when. Sure they fly other flags on occasion, too. But they don’t fly any of the other flags on an annual basis either. 99% of the year, there is no flag of any kind.

    Seattle is one of the most gay-accepting cities in the country. This is not a fight worth having.

  7. Trace says

    Agreed.. they have no problem flying the 12th man flag regularly every year with a playoff.

    And although I dont exactly love the rainbow anyway.. God forbid we would fly the money grubbing ineffectual flag of the HRC!

  8. Bryan says

    I live in Seattle. It’s the truth: we don’t fly flags on the Sneedle on any regular basis, nor would I ever want us to. It’d be pathetic and annoying to turn our camp, whimsical Jetsons landmark into an advertising opportunity over which assorted causes could fight.

    This isn’t New York or San Francisco. Whatever our faults, LGBTQ people here aren’t primarily a fractious, semi-hysterical community of strident self promoters motivated by a desperate need to finally be chosen first for basketball. Nor does our Pride celebration need any more attention: more often than not, it’s little more than a poorly conceived, badly executed opportunity for huge beer companies to garishly promote themselves in a town that’s all about cool microbreweries anyhow.

    Go away, America. We have great pot, incredible beer, the best coffee on earth outside of Italy, and our straight people are decent, tolerant, well behaved folks who don’t give us much trouble. In fact, they’re a lot cooler than our gay folks, who tend to be weirdly middle class and not terribly interesting.

    But I digress… Go away. There’s a reason we promote the Rain City myth every where we go, despite the fact that any fool who can check stats knows we’re a (ssh!) garden paradise with less annual precipitation than just about any American city outside the southwest: we want you to stay away and leave us alone.

  9. R says

    Thinking about the rainbow flag for a second … I like it, but can see that it can look cheap and junky, as Ari R said. But the HRC flag is the flag of the HRC, not the gay rights movement generally. I’d like a solid pink flag. Or pink and purple. Good flags are simple flags.