1. Jeff says

    Thank you Governor Cuomo for putting the full power of your office behind this legislation. Even more, thank you Andy especially for shining the spotlight so brightly on this issue. Cheers!

  2. Mark says

    National Organization for Marriage has just said in its website that it has pledged two million dollars to reverse marriage equality in New York. I wrote them a message saying “Good luck with that!”

    This will be a new drain on their money. We should open up many more battle fronts like this. The more fronts they have to fight us on, the sooner they’ll run dry.

  3. Stephen says

    Call me overly maudlin, but this feels like a Hyde Park moment for me. I was already considering moving to Manhattan (as if it wasn’t gay enough). I feel sorry for the Jersey Queens! NJ next?

  4. Rob says

    Cuomo showed real leadership, on something the majority of Americans support. He bonked heads and got something accomplished- in a very public way. He will be a breakout star nationally.

    It’s a particularly great move shining the light of day on the Republican numbskulls he works with. Can’t wait to see their support wither.

    Kudos, Cuomo. Rock on.

  5. Rowan says

    Oh come on Funme, don’t be silly and irrational.

    A BIG difference between passing Marriage Equality after so many tries by Paterson et al in one of the most progressive cities in the WORLD as Govenor and being the president of the LARGEST Western powerhouse in the World that is full of powerful right wing wing nuts who need to vote for you!


    Stop being stupid and comparing what the President of an inherently right wing country that is the most powerful in the world with a governor of the most left wing city in the world.

    Ridiculously insane. New York is NOT the rest of the USA is it? Is it???? You couldn’t even pass marriage equality in liberal states like NY or Cali before but you think you can do this with the rest of the frigging US of muther effing A?


  6. Randy says

    You know this was done with no help from the White House. Obama has done some things but none without the prodding of our community on a massive scale. I know several people are saying that he will be better than a republican in the next election, especially given the group of repubs that are running so far; but so what would happen if a republican is in office? We would have to work hard, we would have to persevere with no backing, we would have to mobilize on a massive scale….. Ok we have done that already. The next president can’t reenact DADT, they can’t take away NY equality, they may start defending DOMA again. Of those the only concern is the last, but with a defense from the White House at least we would have more court battles going on and we are winning those already! I don’t think I could vote for a republican but that doesn’t mean I have to vote for Obama either! How about we all write in some one, Maddow or John Stewart comes to mind…

  7. Max says

    Rowan, stop making embarrassing excuses for Obama. You sound like a battered wife.

    We now have Republicans voting for marriage equality while Obama’s position is still “evolving.” What is he waiting for, Texas?

    Cuomo is a real advocate. Obama just wants our money.

  8. Bruno says

    I like how he got the signature in before midnight to assure equality comes one day earlier. What a mensch.

  9. Attmay says

    Obama won’t support gay marriage until 100% of the country does. I love the taste of the egg on that man’s face right now.

    And if you won’t vote for a Republican, then they have nothing to lose by not supporting your rights. This would have happened 20 years ago were it not for the partisanship of the likes of HRC (who makes Stonewall Democrats redundant).

    Remember, there wasn’t a Republican in the South until 100 years after Reconstruction ended.

  10. gayalltheway says

    Now here’s a FIERCE advocate of LGBT rights.

    Thank you Gov. Cuomo! And please consider running for President in 2016!

  11. FunMe says

    ROWAN: Yaaaaawn Excuse me as I go walk to the beach and celebrate this victory and the FIERCE ADVOCACY of Gov. Cuomo

  12. MadM@ says

    I also agree that the partisan support of Democrats only has hurt our advancement, since all Democrats can basically rely on the majority of the queer vote by saying “what, are they gonna vote for the Republicans?”

    I think it’s time we got the libertarian wing of the Republican party to put their money (their precious, precious money) where their mouth is and support increased liberty for US citizens.

  13. sparks says

    I like Obama and think he’s a fine leader but THIS is what happens when a leader puts their full influence behind an important issue: stuff gets done EVEN when the deck seems to be stacked against it.

  14. Dave in Boston says

    Congratulations New York!

    (From an ex-pat born and raised NY’er – you can take the boy out of NY, but youse can’t make me tauook like a Bostonian…)

  15. Dave in Boston says

    And yes, this is what political LEADERSHIP looks like! Cuomo for President 2016!!!!

  16. Dave in Jersey says

    Cuomo says New York is a beacon for social justice? Wrong, New York is a beacon for corrupt politicians and perverts. To win the key support of the four New York Republican senators who voted for gay marriage, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and several WALL STREET BANKERS, ALL MAJOR REPUBLICAN PARTY DONORS, helped homosexual advocates lobby during the final week of negotiations.

  17. says

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