1. Mike says

    Thanks for including this among your posts. I have to tell you, though, that penultimate means “second to last,” so it wasn’t the word you were looking for here.

  2. Daniel says

    Uh, this might be a dumb question, but what the hell is that flame on top of the shuttle?

  3. K says

    @Mike – This seems to be causing confusion for a lot of people. The Space Shuttle program uses three shuttle – Discovery, Endeavor, and Atlantis. Discovery has its last flight in March, Endeavor completed its final journey this morning, and Atlantis will fly for the last time next month. So this was, indeed, the penultimate flight for the entire program. The last flight will be next month. Andy was an English major. He picked the correct word intentionally.

    Daniel, I want to know what that is, too! I think it might be the engine used to slow down the shuttle. If so, the engine would face the front to counteract the forward motion of the craft. I’m not sure.

  4. K says

    Oops. Discovery had its last flight in March. *Had*. Clearly I wouldn’t have survived as an English major.

  5. Jim says

    I didn’t see it… but I heard it! I live in Orlando, FL… right in the flight path of Kennedy Space Center… and a sonic boom happened at about 2:32 last night. LOUD!