Hackers Pronounce Rupert Murdoch Dead on Front Page of His ‘Sun’ Tabloid


Hackers from the group LulzSec successfully hacked Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid today, redirecting its front page to one with a story pronouncing the News Corp mogul dead after ingesting "a large quantity of palladium."

Read the story:

Authorities would not comment on whether this was a planned suicide, though the general consensus among locals and unnamed sources is that this is the case.

One detective elaborates. "Officers on the scene report a broken glass, a box of vintage wine, and what seems to be a family album strewn across the floor, containing images from days gone by; some containing handpainted portraits of Murdoch in his early days, donning a top hat and monocle."

Another officer reveals that Murdoch was found slumped over a particularly large garden hedge fashioned into a galloping horse. "His favourite", a butler, Davidson, reports.

LulzSec took credit for the hacking in a series of tweets.


  1. RONTEX says

    This is effing brilliant, please continue to make this man’s life a living hell. He deserves nothing less!

  2. red_phone says

    FYI…you have this tagged under “Rupert Everett.” I mean he’s old, but give a girl a break. : )

  3. anon says

    How do they know it wasn’t the Sun’s staff that did this? They’re probably pretty upset right now.