1. Patrick says

    Thank you to (most of) the Commonwealth’s representation.

    Scott Brown, you are scum.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    I look forward to a time when Scott Brown recognizes that he represents ALL of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

    I will assume that he declines all opportunities to support constituents, not simply the gay ones.

  3. breckroy says

    Scott Brown has all the makings of a genuinely moderate statesman in the tradition of many a Republican and Democrat before him. He’s got moderate views, hasn’t been afraid to break with his party, and is broadly (for a Republican, because at the end of the day he is still that) progressive on key social issues. However, he can’t seem to commit to it–largely because, as far as I can tell, the conservative right keeps threatening to oust him in a primary challenge next election. It sucks, either party gets a candidate who’s reasonable and moderate (but especially the Republicans these days) they have to start symbolically moving to the extreme in votes and actions/soundbites to keep from being knocked off in a primary. What sucks is that since Massachusetts is fairly liberal, he’s a strong, strong candidate for the Republicans to run–a moderate with a good look and a nice disposition. But if the Republicans knock him out in a primary–or, worst of all for him adn others in his position, make him spend precious campaign cash in an expensive and divisive campaign he could just as easily win anyway–in favor of a right candidate who can’t win, they lose anyway. I never understand extremist poltiics, and think it’s sad. I’m a liberal, largely, but really like a nice, moderate, sensible mix of parties to keep everything even and keep all issues and points of view on the table. And when this stuff happens, it’s deplorable–not jsut for the politics, but for the fact that gay and other bullied massachusetts kids, maybe from conservative families, deserve to see their representatives stand up for them and now they wont–not because he doesn’t support the cause, but because he’s too afraid of the political punishment the tea party and social conservatives will rain on him. Sucks.

  4. says

    This “It Gets Better” bandwagon has so many opportunistic politicians and celebrites on it, it’s got to break down pretty soon. Oh, I forgot . . . Dan Savage started it all. The bandwagon was always broke down!

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t want politicians getting on camera to say things will get better for LGBT kids. I want them to use their legislative skills to MAKE it better!

  5. Brian in Texas says

    Scott Brown could easily be ousted by an ugly primary challenge from the far right and a strong Democratic candidate in the general. Elizabeth Warren perhaps?

  6. Bob R says

    I hope Elizabeth Warren runs and cleans Brown’s clock. Many GOP right wing loony heads will explode if Warren goes to the Senate. It would certainly make my day.

  7. Pretty Boys says

    Scott Brown is a politician who has gotten by on his looks primarily, very much like Marco Rubio in Florida. Both are simply career pols looking to make a buck the easiest way they know how. Not much intellectual capacity in either case.

    But the good news is that in Massachusetts that probably won’t be enough to get by on.

    Both are shrewd enough to win elections because as long as their sense of what to say is accurate enough they will say it.

  8. Make my day says

    If Elizabeth Warren replaces Scott Brown the senators who killed her appointment to the new consumer commission will have themselves to thank. And the voters of Massachusetts.

    I’m looking forward to that double whammy too.

  9. Mike says

    The only thing I used to hate other than getting bullied at school for being Gay is some person who hasn’t been bullied for being Gay telling me that “It Gets Better”. How the hell would they know? Isn’t it really kind of dismissive??

    Enough already.

  10. Clif3012 says

    “How the hell would they know? Isn’t it really kind of dismissive??

    Enough already.”

    I think there would be very few people in the world who weren’t bullied at some point as a kid. I have some quibbles with this whole campaign (I forget who said it first, but I prefer ‘you get stronger’ to a blanket guarantee of ‘it gets better’), but its ludicrous to limit it solely to those who were bullied for their sexuality, perceived or real. The whole point of it is to show that there is a whole world of people out there who aren’t going to care as you grow older.

    You don’t have to be gay or have been bullied for it to share that message.

  11. Ted says

    poor Scott Brown, apparently he can only focus on one thing at a time, does he have a learning disability? Sigh….

  12. Frank says

    I’m from Massachusetts and I know Scott Brown. He’s no moderate. Let’s get him out of office in 2012.

  13. NY2.0 says

    Scott Brown is easily the biggest mistake to come out of MA the last decade with the exception of Mitt Romney. Brown is no moderate and should he win reelection come 2012, watch him shift drastically to the right on many issues.

    Brown is waffling at the moment to appear moderate, this is the same man that voted not once but twice to deny the passage of DADT repeal. He is a liar and we need to watch out should he win reelection.

  14. Max says

    I admit I voted for Brown in 2010 but he won’t win in 2012 if the Democrats can actually throw up a competent candidate. If Coakley hadn’t made every political gaffe in the book (she was Palin bad), she would have won. Here’s hoping Warren runs because she is pretty much a shoe-in.

  15. Mark says

    I don’t understand why people can be so critical of this project. Are people jumping on the bandwagon? Sure, but it’s still encouraging- there wouldn’t have even been a bandwagon to jump on as recently as 10 years ago. I would have loved to have seen so many people telling me life would be better when I was a scared 13-year old gay kid. Stop being so critical and enjoy the positive attention the movement is getting, because that alone shows things are getting better.

    And as for Sen. Brown, I am very disappointed. I didn’t vote for him in 2010 but I was considering voting for him next year because he’s done a good job being a relatively moderate Republican. I am a Democrat, but I like good public service. After this deliberate snub, I will definitely not be voting for him.

  16. AG says

    Brown’s decision not to participate in this campaign is a no-brainer. His main asset in Massachusetts is that he is the sole non-Democratic member of the Massachusetts Congressional Caucus. There’s no reason to tarnish his brand by associating with Democrats in a PR campaign unknown outside of the gay left circles, launched by an anti-Republican bigot, who admitted less than two weeks ago on national TV that he had wished all the Republicans dead. [It’s irrelevant that Savage apologized for it. Everyone knows that what he said on HBO is what he really thinks.] There’s no upside for Scott Brown to participate. There’s not a single gay or gay-friendly Brown’s voter in Massachusetts who will change his vote in 2012 solely because of this. You may not like the way I frame the issue, but that’s how it is over here.

  17. says

    right, AG, I’m sure Dan Savage truly wants all Republicans dead, as opposed to letting his anger get the best of him because Republicans consistently work against our basic humanity every chance they get. Accusing a gay person of being an anti-Republican bigot is the no-brainer part of this: any sane gay person is anti-Republican; to be pro-Republican and gay is the sign of a disturbed mind.

    I’m not particularly surprised Scott Brown opted out of this. Even though he’s a moderate by Republican standards, he’s about as anti-gay as one can be in MA and still get elected in the general election, and he has his primary to worry about, with the tea baggers still holding influence there. But Dan’s It Gets Better campaign, contrary to your assertions, is not a gay left only thing at this point. It’s mainstream, with everyone (including sports teams and corporations galore) but Republicans (who are clearly unconcerned whether our lives get better) signing on.

  18. DeeperStill says


    You may have said it before, and you may just have said it again. I’m convinced you’ll say moronic stuff in the future as well. Fact is, no one really cares what you say.

    Just like no one cares about your pathetic lil blog…

  19. robert in nyc says

    Is anyone aware that Scott Brown was molested by an adult male when he was a child? Maybe that’s why he’s not part of this and harbors a lot of ill-will towards LGBT people. When he was interviewed about this last year, he started crying so I suspect he’s not been able to overcome what happened.

  20. Jack M says

    It’s only a good excuse to bow out of making the video if you are making progress in solving America’s debt crisis. Is that what Scott Brown is busy with? Doubt it.

  21. Dback says

    Has any major Republican made an “It Gets Better” video yet? Is the party so completely owned by the extreme right-wing, folks can’t even tape a message to kids saying, “Please don’t kill yourselves”? That’s incredibly revealing about the state of the GOP.

  22. ratbastard says

    Brown is popular and will win re-election because many in MA are angry d fed up with the conditions in the state after many decades of radical ‘progressive’ rule. Gay rights even marriage is a non-issue, I’m talking about issues related to the economy, bloated state government rife with generational nepotism and corruption, high cost of living related to state regulations, laws and fees, high taxes, the current ‘progressive’ governor and house want to give full government benefits to ‘undocumented’ aliens, …the list of silliness is endless.