Rick Perry: ‘Gay Marriage is Not Fine with Me’

Texsa Governor Rick Perry, who made headlines over the weekend for his comments regarding states' rights and the passage of marriage equality in New York, has clarified those remarks in an interview with hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

Perry Said Perry to a group of donors in Aspen, Colorado last Friday:

"Our friends in New York six weeks ago passed a statute that said marriage can be between two people of the same sex. And you know what? That's New York, and that's their business, and that's fine with me," said the Governor. "That is their call. If you believe in the 10th Amendment, stay out of their business."

Said Perry to Perkins today:

“I probably needed to add a few words after that ‘it’s fine with me,’ and that it’s fine with me that a state is using their sovereign rights to decide an issue. Obviously gay marriage is not fine with me. My stance hasn’t changed.”

Perkins said he looked forward to having Perry join him at the evangelical prayer event The Response, in early August.

You can listen to the full interview at the hate group's website.


  1. Redebbm says

    This man would be worse than Bush, and would get elected very easily simply because he is everything the conservatives want. We need to take this very seriously.
    Luckily he’s walking up a steep hill on this issue. Since we have about a majority supporting Gay Marriage now.

  2. paul says

    He probably will get the nomination if he runs..and the last time a texan got in the white house he was there for Eight years, several unpaid for wars, the worst terrorist attack on this country (that he WAS warned about), ran up the deficit, created no jobs, attempted to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage etc….just incase anyone out there in glbt community thinks that voting Republican would be a good option…

  3. Jack M says

    The gay media should do some research and publish the dates of when assholes like this are up for re-election, just to let us know who not to vote for.

  4. say what says


    Vids of him wanting secession and the audience shooting guns into the air (really happened) as commercials would nix him with indies so he would loose the general

  5. jim says

    Why doesn’t the god, which these morons purport tells them what’s right and what’s wrong–for EVERYONE ELSE, just call them home already? Why must they always assume that everyone else believes in their god and their bible, and therefore be bound by their beliefs? You don’t want to marry another man, gov? Fine then, don’t; but stop trying to make moral decisions regarding MY life based on YOUR beliefs.

  6. SFshawn says

    Another idiot elected official opening his mouth to spout his ignorant hate.
    Time to get out of your own narrow-minded state governor. Can the sky gawd just take him and his xian clan NOW? Please. :)

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “Sorry but Texas is full of inbred morons.Just like the rest of the south”

    Yankee conservatives aint no intellectual giants either. You listen to Michele Bachaman, Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh lately?

  8. walter says

    i really don’t this country can take another governor from texas as president. i think one moron is more than enough for the country. who does perry want to say has wmd’s yemen ? i thought the repuks said the election was about jobs and the economy they spend more time worried about who marries who than anything else.

  9. Big Easy says

    @kyle In addition to having a lesbian mayor in Houston, you may a DL gay governor in Austin if the rumors I’ve been hearing are true. There’s no one more dangerous than a self-hating queer.

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