1. says

    Let’s remember that the parents who would object to this are the same people who would teach their children that Jesse “I hate negroes and gays” Helms was a great upstanding American Patriot.

  2. justme says

    And Leno takes down the Bachmanns, both Mrs. and Missy! Love this man. He’s done more good in his political life than all the politicians in most states combined.

  3. DB says

    Wonderful news. Anything that improves the education of our public school children is great. I love my state senator Mark Leno. He is incredibly successful and active. I see him around the City quite frequently and yet he is always accomplishing good deeds in Sacramento. It sucks that California has term limits for our state legislators.

  4. Redebbm says

    Mark Leno is a real politician tackling problems instead of grandstanding like what most of the Republican minority does when they don’t get their way. He even has proposed sb810 which would establish Single-Payer Healthcare here, he has pushed forward with no fear but with integrity and sticking to his words.

  5. says

    As a San Franciscan (born/raised) I can’t thank Leno enough. I WISH he would run for SF Mayor when his stint as Senator is up – then on to Governor. Its true, Leno’s has done as much, if not more, then Mayor Gavin Newsom – a straight heterosexual father of two – has done for the gay community. Both men deserve our undying support.

  6. Rin says

    I think that as long as there have been humans there has been cruelty and bigotry. Teaching gay history in school won’t make children less bigoted. If anything it will be like sex ed where they giggle and use it to make even more fun of each other.

    Allowing gay couples to marry like “normal” people and adopt and have equal rights will show (rather than tell) people that gays are normal, they are “everyone else” in a way that a history class won’t do.

    Singling groups out to prove that they are like everyone else disproves it. Absorbing groups into a panacea of just “American” is much better in my opinion.

    Only when gays can marry will bigotry begin to change.

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