1. james says

    Must have been a straight man who decorated that office.

    Chair from Salvation Army Thrift. Vase from IKEA. Sofa is nicely retro, though. Maybe a former patient donated it after he “converted” and replaced it with a recliner.

  2. David says

    I’m just that into this kind of comedy right now. I dunno. I actually do comedy as well but right now I think this issue isn’t in the funny arena.

    Let’s face it, what Bachmann et. al want is to eliminate us and our culture in a very real way. Of course it’s ridiculous because you could never do that but no one is taking seriously the idea that they really do want to wipe gay people off the face of the earth. If they could find the gay gene you know they would try to find ways to “switch it off.”

    It’s like when people lighten the issue by calling it “pray the gay away” — it de-emphasizes the pain of the sufferer by turning it into a kind of ridiculous joke. It does very real damage to the psyche. We are these men and women and the living damage this produces has a real effect on intimacy and community.

    Am I crazy here, fellas? I’m mad, I don’t WANT to laugh at this it makes me too angry. I thought we’d gone through this in the 50’s and it wasn’t funny then either.

    I’m wondering why this issue isn’t being taken up by bioethicists, for instance.

  3. BigBlonde says

    David- Levity is a great weapon against these issues, as they send them to the mainstream. They are necessary in our fight for equality.

    I do understand your anger, and I’d encourage you to do something proactive with that energy. Perhaps, if you live in a state where public ballot initiatives are allowed, you could work to make reparative therapy illegal in your state by getting signatures together to put it on your states ballot. This is something I haven’t seen done yet and I wish someone would do it! I do not live in a state where public ballot initiatives are allowed- but many states like CA, WA, OR, etc. do allow for such.

    Anyhow- just a thought. :)

  4. David says

    Thanks BigBlonde. Yes, I know the power of humor, Charles Ludlam the great queer theatrical satirist is one of my heroes. This just hits a nerve.

    Probably because I live in MN and these Bachmann clinics are right in my backyard. I’ll take some action instead of bitching and moaning online!