1. anonymous says

    RIP Mr Brazda. Take a moment to learn of Mr. Brazda in his video posted here. His young life of nearly 80 years ago is similar to the freedoms we as gay people have today and the voices of the religious zealots today echo those of Hitlers yesterday. We need to always stand up for our right to exist.

  2. Ted says

    I saw a reference a few months back to a book that he wrote but have been unable to fund the reference or the book. If anyone has any leads please let me know. His journey was remarkable. RIP.

  3. Codswallop says

    Ted, according to the article at the link the book has not (yet?) been translated into English. The translated title is “I Had Always Been Blessed with Good Fortune: Rudolf Brazda – a Homosexual’s Survival in the Third Reich.”,1518,772667,00.html

    FWIW, there’s another book, “I, Pierre Seel, deported homosexual : a memoir of Nazi terror” which has been translated.

    Though it’s hard to apply the word luck to a Concentration Camp survivor, if he had been “liberated” instead of hiding until the Nazis deserted the camp he quite possibly would have been put in prison. What many people don’t realize is that after the war Paragraph 175 was still on the books, homosexuality was still illegal, and many prisoners who were in camps for that “criminal act” weren’t set free, they were sent to prison from the camps.

  4. Codswallop says

    One amazing thing about Rudolph’s story is that after being put in prison twice then sent to a concentration camp he didn’t go back into the closet out of fear, he found someone to love. People who are in the closet today should think about that. If anyone ever had an excuse to be “in the closet” it’s him, but instead he asserted his right to love and happiness.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Rest in much deserved Peace Mr. Brazda. Your courage, determination and refusal to bend in the face of the most extreme prejudice and persecution imaginable will be an eternal inspiration.

    I send you much, much metta and many merits.

  6. Marc C says

    Thank you for your courage and honesty Mr Brazda.

    And thank you Andy for sharing this important news. He’s much more worthy of your and our attention than Kevin Barba.

  7. revchicoucc says

    May I suggest we observe 60 seconds of silence at noon local time on Monday, 54 seconds in memory of the estimated 54,000 Pink Triangle men, 6 seconds for those in Ghana, Uganda, Iran, and other places who are living under threat of their lives? It is important to remember and essential not to forget.

  8. says

    We were lucky to have his testimony at all because – to answer your question @anon – the gays were the lowest of the low and suffered the highest death rates in the work camps. This is why there is so little testimony and why he is almost certainly the last survivor.

  9. Jeff says

    I am with you revchicoucc 60 seconds of silence at noon Monday in reflection of those lost is little to ask for for all that was lost. Rest in Peace Rudolf Brazda and thank you for sharing your story with the world.

  10. JM says

    @Anonymous: Don’t you dare to compare the horrors of the Nazi-Regime to our lives today! You should visit one of the Nazi Camps to get the full view about the whole situation. You will figure out that not only homosexuals were the victims but everybody the government didn’t like – almost everybody. In today’s world we can be thankful for dignity of man also for gays. Remember, what ever applies for gays in terms of dignity applies for other people too (no matter if they are Christians, work mates, family members, etc. who don’t all understand gay people). We as a gay community need to learn to respect other people too and I am sure that we will find more respect in the process – even though it is a long road.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Brazda! You were a fine brave man!

  11. says

    Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign.

    Civilocity makes sure the leader of a country never again has the ability to cover up genocide or obstruction or any other sort of unlawful behavior.

    Civilocity is the abolishment of genocide

    Why don’t we abolish genocide,

    Genocide is happening advocate civilocity

    ehhh lets not nobody cares

    We’re writers writing about genocide not the way to stop genocide

  12. Chevytexas says

    What meritorious comments, all; what we know, and have to continue to tell the young, as he did: it is still happening, it can happen, it will happen again. The best revenge is a good life.

  13. peter mastracchio says

    RIP Mr. Brazda. Oh how I wish we could have shared a cup of joe and I would have given you my undivided attention. You must have so many horrible nightmares from the horrific time the Nazi’s showed you and others. But I know you were reunited with your one true love when you took that excursion to the next level of life and learning. You shall be missed but never forgotten. Ciao, Peter

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