1. kit says

    Sorry, hater. You say your bigotry has no relevance to any of the impressionable kids who are put under your charge in a classroom? Tell it to Lawrence King…

  2. stevenelliot says

    I had teachers like this in school (1973-85). I was very miserable from the treatment of my classmates, who singled me out as sexually different. And to add insult to injury, through the years as a student, there were several teachers who also pegged my sexual orientation and attempted to make a mockery of me in the classroom. I feel sorry for gay students they have another level of stress they have to content with on a daily basis and bigots like this only add to their angst.

  3. says

    That makes about as much intellectual sense as “I have no problem with black people, I just think they shoudn’t be allowed to marry white people.”

    Which is to say none whatsoever.

    newsflash – the only reason one has a problem with Gay Marriage is because one has a problem with GAY PEOPLE>


  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I give the TMZ guys credit for persistence, but that was frustrating. They kept talking about Buell simply “taking a position” on same-sex marriage. It wasn’t a “position”. A position is “I am opposed to same-sex marriage”. He said it made him want to throw up, and he called gay life a cesspool. He wasn’t calling same-sex marriage a cesspool. Those are the things that should make a gay student, or relative of someone gay, feel uncomfortable in his classroom. I wish the TMZ guys had mentioned Buell’s own words.

  5. mike128 says

    I’d like people to start calling out the language of “moral objection”. On what moral basis do you object to gay marriage? Where is the morality in denying committed couples the right to legal protections?

  6. says

    Doesn’t matter what “deep moral objection” you have, wrong is still wrong.

    Just like when people had a “deep moral objection” to blacks and whites going to school together or getting married.

    When are we going to stop allowing people to use that excuse?

  7. Codswallop says

    @Steven Elliot

    I had a teacher like that in school in the 80s too, though maybe not quite so obvious about it. One day he made a comment about “that fag Boy George” (this is when Culture Club was a new group) and I decided I’d had enough. I did a caricature of him in Hasidic hat and braids with bows on them like Boy George wore at the time, with the words “Boy [his name]” written on the hat. Then I silk-screened T-shirts of it and sold them in school on “Awards Day,” one of the last days of school. I probably would have gotten into all sorts of trouble except my art teacher helped me make them and she was his wife! :-)

    I still remember it fondly as the day I got a little bit of revenge for the educational homophobia I received in his class.

    The good news with this Buell schmuck is that if he DOES say anything in class it’s likely students will stand up to him and probably have cell phone video of it as proof!

  8. AG says

    You know there are pragmatic reasons to be tolerant. Had the school authorities simply ignored his position on same-sex marriage, he wouldn’t have turned into a martyr persecuted by the gay lobby.

    Let me explain how this situation looks like to anyone outside of the gay circles. A teacher of the year voiced a mainstream opinion on same-sex marriage, maybe a little bit too colorfully. Nonetheless, his opinion is shared by a large majority of Floridians. He did it outside of classroom. And now he is at risk of losing his job. This is exactly what the folks who opposed normalization of homosexuality warned us about. The schools would teach the gay lifestyle, and school teachers who opposed it would be fired.

    This case confirms some of the worst fears about the gays.

  9. says

    “the worst fears about the gays?”

    What? that we’re gonna stand up tot he promotion of prejudice against us?

    look, AG, we GET IT. you never stood up to your family, because they’d rather you were dead than their child, because you suck cock.

    we GET it. you’re a coward and a wimp and are angry at all the LGBT people who aren’t.

    grow a pair.

  10. AG says

    Kiwi, stop being such a caricature of a hateful, angry gay man. Given that you know nothing about me, your insinuations about my family are so off base, they are not even wrong. Stop projecting.

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    “I don’t think coloreds should marry whites, but I don’t want to talk about being a racist…” – ROTFL – Hatred cannot be defended, so they just clam up and continue with the ugliness. He would NOT be teaching my children.

  12. Hollywood, CA says

    The good thing about High School kids, is that if they can put the needle to a teacher, they’re going to. There will be a kid at that school that will make it their duty to hold this teacher to his words… it should be good.

  13. says

    @AG: He didn’t lose his job, and he is not at risk of losing his job over his public Facebook statements. (Though teachers who have said far less hostile things, unrelated to gay equality, have been fired.) He may be in trouble because his immature FB shenanigans have exposed his desire to not only bring God into the classroom but to be Jesus.

    As for this case confirming the worst fears about gays, nonsense. Remaining silent in response to this idiot’s hateful ramblings would confirm the worst fears about gay apathy and timidity. Do you think that Christians would remain quiet so as not to rock any boats if a gay teacher made similar cesspool vomit remarks about the value of religious liberty? Hell no. People are speaking out against this bigot because speaking out against bigotry is the right thing to do, unless you’re a coward or a troll.

  14. says

    @Ernie, AG is a coward and a troll.

    Your average gay white conservative with bigoted parents who resents all LGBT people who have more balls than he’ll ever know.

    he never stood up to daddy, daddy doesn’t love him, and he resents the rest of us who don’t suck up to bullies.

    GOProud would love his wimpy ass.

  15. AG says

    Do you think that Christians would remain quiet so as not to rock any boats if a gay teacher made similar cesspool vomit remarks about the value of religious liberty? Hell no.

    Ernie, the most Christian and often the most persuasive way is to forgive the one who offended you. (I say this as an atheist.) You may argue that this is not how anti-gay Christians would behave. It’s true some (or many) of them wouldn’t. But why should we imitate the worst behavior of our enemies? Shouldn’t we take the high road? And in this particular case the high road would have benefited us both right now and the future.

    Being perceived as hateful is a disadvantage.

  16. says

    AG: Speaking out against bigots (in this case, a social studies teacher who doesn’t understand the constitution or civil rights) teaching gay kids and kids from gay families IS the high road. Silence is the low road of cowardice.

  17. says

    talking to AG is like talking to a GOProud member. the Stockholm Syndrome is so intense they can’t see reality.

    he thinks defying bigotry is wrong, but the poor sap also thinks his parents love him. and they don’t.

  18. Bob R says

    Buell must be opposed by every means available. He has NO business in the public classroom. His god/Jesus/martyr complex makes me question his sanity as well as his intellectual honesty.

    Those who are afraid that opposing Buell reflects poorly on the gay community and the entire freedom of speech issue, let me remind you of two truths: We have laws about separation of church and state. Two, me quote Edmund Burke; “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” I might also quote Martin Niemoller, but I’ll let you nay sayers Google him.

    Buell and his ilk are evil. The fact that he has been open about his religious beliefs in school publications, boldly stating “he ain’t gonna change.” shows this wickedness has gone on too long because good people have done nothing to stop it.

  19. Book 7 says

    I wish Harvey or Charles had made the correlation between being against mixed-race marriage and racism. If this teacher had stated fifty years ago that he’s against black/white marriage, but he’s not racist, how could he face his black students in the classroom? You are against gay marriage, but we don’t know if he is biased against his gay students. I’d be completely intimidated to be in his classroom, no matter how fun and professional he is.

  20. Deanna Black says

    He’s got every right to have a deep moral objection to whatever he pleases – homosexuals, blacks, jews, working on Sunday, whatever. It’s a free country.

    Similarly, you have every right to find HIM morally objectionable. If you censor his right to hate others, you take away your right to hate him back…

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