Same-Sex Marriage-Hating Florida Teacher Jerry Buell Talks to TMZ, Won’t Discuss Homosexuality: VIDEO


Florida teacher Jerry Buell, suspended earlier this week for anti-gay remarks on Facebook, talks to TMZ:

"I am opposed to same-sex marriage. I don't like it. As far as the individual, the person, that has no relevance in my classroom whatsoever. It doesn't matter what color, race, background, sexual orientation. If you could be flies on the wall tomorrow morning when my kids come into my classroom and see this strange face and wonder who this guy is, I'm gonna make sure that they know that I'm going to treat them with full respect and I tell them, I could care less about where you come from, what race, what nationality, sexual orientation..."

Buell refuses to discuss his views on homosexuality with the hosts, reiterating: "I have a deep moral objection to same-sex marriage."