1. Tim says

    swell guy. met him in ptown during bear week (surprise!) true new yorker…you get what you see. no pretense. just that he’s much more handsome in person than on the first video

  2. Marlee says

    “Daddy Bear”??! seriously? I applaud gay men putting themselves in the forefront but c’mon, a 48 year old man who needs to subscribe to some faux identity cult in order to belong? Not attractive. It’s high time adult gay men behaved as such. Not a good look.

  3. Jason says

    Cute, and would sleep with, but if he said “Call me Daddy” I’d puke and leave. Can we please excise this word from our collective vocabulary? If you’re an attractive older man, try to understand that a younger man who wants to have sex with you doesn’t necessarily get off on having that spark incestuized. (That’s a word.)

  4. Gregoire says

    I always cringe at men referring to themselves as animals as though they’re invitees to a child’s tea party. (“Some tea for you, Otter, and you too, Muscle Cub!”) That said, this a reality show, and people are narrowed down to their base characteristics for easy identification. So I say, go daddy bear!

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