1. michael says

    OK, this is kind of genius…um, and hot. The Charles Trenet song just gives it that added (wait for it) je ne sais quoi.

  2. nodnarb says

    I love Dave Franco (he could teach his big brother a lesson about less is more)… but Daniel Tosh did this bit first.

  3. Jason Wong says

    Love the bit at the end, but as others have said this is not an entirely original idea. Google Robert Hoffman III of Step Up 2 fame, he has a similar clip.

  4. Matt26 says

    This was funny and good. DF is a very good looking and like his as good looking brother, doesn’t mind to go all the way (!).

  5. Robert says

    I usually don’t make a chirp about witch hunts on this blog but this (and his other video) is pretty much as homophobic as it gets. He’s straight. Funny or Not is not some gay parody site. In fact, it’s mostly frat humor. The punchline for both videos is: gay sex is ridiculous and hilarious.

    i guess gay equivalent to blackface is cool?

  6. MrJ says

    @ROBERT WTF are you talking about? The biggest problem with liberals is their desire to attack other liberals instead of their real enemies. Let me guess, you hate Lady Gaga too? Both Franco brothers are incredibly gay friendly and supportive. Go to Mississippi or Texas or Alabama with that liberal ignorance of homophobia sh)t and let THEM teach you what homophobia really is, and stop embarrassing yourself.

  7. jj says

    does anyone else notice that male-on-male gay sex in popular culture is always depicted from behind? you’d be suprised how may straight people have no idea that gay sex is often from the front. behind seems so …impersonal and animalistic!

  8. mike128 says

    @ JJ : True. I think many straight people assume that all gay sex is from behind.

    @ Robert: I hear what you’re saying. I think the Francos are pretty gay friendly, but it’s true that the only punchline in this joke is the gay romance/sex. I’m not sure why everyone else here seems to have such difficulty getting your point.

  9. Turtle says

    It’s amusing, he’s hot. But it’s about time for Davey to stop channeling his desire for men into these videos and just go for it already. He’s sexy, young, probably rich, adjacent to fame, he won’t have any problems. Have a good time, baby.

  10. Bradley J Tiltnosen III says

    I was so offended by this I had to watch it over and over to really get myself into a sweaty fury!

  11. L'Herbs says

    I think that the humor comes from the fact that they’re gay is not that it’s gay in and of itself, but that it’s a sexuality other than his own. If there were a gay person and they had unexpectedly hetero sex (and as awkwardly and hilariously as that was) it would be just as funny. The humor, at least for me, comes from the “unexpected” factor. Also, ALL sex is funny. Just think about it for a while, and it’ll probably crack you up, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. MrJ says

    Mike, we have a hard time getting his point because it his point is indicative of people who are clueless to the real problems of homosexuals in society. It’s easier to attack a liberal supporter than Maggie Gallagher. Our biggest hurdle is NOT hot guys who support us making too many gay sex joke videos. Wake up already.

  13. Robert says

    Francos may be gay friendly in there personal lives.. That doesn’t make this video any less homophobic. Gay guys may get some humor in it but frat guys (who Funny or Die is targeting) are going to read exactly what it puts forth. Gay sex is hilarious.

    Also, if this weren’t super hot Dave Franco and say, George Lopez, there’d be a march down at Stonewall right now over this.

  14. Mike in Paris says

    The joke is the fact that he went on a date and had sex with himself. It doesn’t even count as a gay joke, it is more like masturbating and masturbating jokes are always funny.

  15. Hollywood, CA says

    “Waaaaahhhh… someone else did it first. Waaaahhhhhh… he’s straight so he’s being a bad man… waaaahhhhh..” – Honestly, queens. That was cute and funny. I personally haven’t seen it before, and who cares if it’s done again. As a matter of fact, Joe MagniolaWerewolfFromTrueBloodIano, if you care to do this, please go right ahead!

  16. Nat says

    “Gay guys may get some humor in it but frat guys (who Funny or Die is targeting) are going to read exactly what it puts forth. Gay sex is hilarious”

    Sex is genuinely absurd: we rub our bodies against one another until stuff comes out.

    I don’t care if straight frat boys think gay sex is hilarious. I care if they think gays should be beaten up. And no, the two are not comparable.

  17. Phillip says

    @ROBERT & @MIKE128 totally agree with the both of you. It’s this same joke that ends with the same punchline of something awkward or bad about gay sex. And it keeps being presented by people who are “gay friendly”. On top of that, we’re not supposed to analyze it, it’s just more harmless entertainment.

  18. jaragon says

    Hmmm that was more creepy than funny specially the sex scene which seemed inspired by “American Psycho”

  19. robert alan espino says

    Just thinking about him practicing w James when they were younger. Most can remember the first time they caught their older sibling jacking -off or wondering what that smell in the room was.

  20. Derek Pearce says

    Mike in Paris & Hollywood, you’re right on, uptight queens need to get over this. It’s funny because he’s LITERALLY F-ING HIMSELF.

  21. ... says

    it is more like masturbating and masturbating jokes are always funny”

    The sophisticate homosexual is but an urban myth.

  22. Angela Channing says

    I thought the humor was at the expense of the girlfriend (?), who certainly does not realize how much fun Dave is having. (Perhaps this could be argued it is anti-woman?) I thought the scenes prior were kind of cute and the last scene was a punchline because it was so starkly different. Clearly, he was enjoying himself on two very different levels. Anyway, I did not really laugh out loud because I was really just too engrossed on how beautiful the younger Franco is. Thank you for listening.

  23. says

    A good friend of mine who’s Straight watched this clip and pronounced it the product of a sick mind. I agree with him. The “edgy” snarkfests that pass for comedy nowadays leave me cold at best and repulsed at worst. To all you folks who think Gay sex is fall-down-on-the-floor funny: You obviously have never had good Gay sex. I, for one, am tired of seeing my orientation made the butt of crude jokes told my immature, attention-hungry knuckleheads like Dave Franco.

  24. starshipcaptain says

    His sexuality is irrelevant; as narcissistic as Dave Franco is, HE STILL CAN’T ACT!

  25. F44106 says

    Yah..interesting, as a Bisex guy, I find it sad that in 98% of any ‘mainstream’ type thing like this it’s alway’s animal-roughish sex from behind. Why not show him in a hot 69 with himself! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or even if anal is done, show the way it’s done by 2 guys 80% of the time, not from behind trust me! I think this is what scares a lot of str8 people because they think this is the ONLY act guys enjoy? For most of my life I’d say anal stuff (with guys I’ve been with) is either never done, or in only 60% of the encounters I’ve had is it done.
    All that said, I still enjoyed this clip.

  26. dancobbbb says

    There is nothing h o t t e r and nothing
    s e x i e r on the face of the planet earth than two guys going at it full tilt doggy style. I love watching guys doing guys doggy style. SO F’ING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And that’s a fact, people.

  27. troy says

    that was so corny. Lame. NOT funny at all. Only really dumb people will think that’s funny.

  28. Dan says

    The only real giveaway here is the flexed bicep when he’s f-ing himself. This indicates some knowledge of gay erotica. It’s easier for him to hide behind funny than admit being a muscle queen. I suspect huge guns could own the clever pretty boy.

  29. Scott Wooledge says

    Sorry, Robert, no, this video is by no means “as homophobic as it gets.” If you honestly believe that you might depart from your Ivory Tower someday and see what goes on in the real world, where pastors call for putting people to death.

    A little juvenile and base? Sure. A litttle stupid and banal? Sure. Is the premise people will laugh at what makes them uncomfortable? Maybe a little.

    As homophobic as it gets? Not even in the same ballpark as worst offenders.

  30. says

    Thanks for your comment, Robert. The first time I saw this video I just saw it as silly. However, it is possible to view this as fairly offensive. As if gay relationships are just a big joke.

    On the other hand, the character in the film didn’t start out as gay (go figure) and the idea could also be interpreted as a straight man’s ideal sex partner would be himself. In that way, the film could be considered subversively pro-gay! :)