Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Harry Shum, and Chord Overstreet as the ‘Village People': PHOTO


The above photo of a few male Glee cast members, tweeted last night by Mark Salling, is, according to some, a fan-created Tumblr image and not a still from a forthcoming episode, unfortunately. But one can dream. Who wouldn't want to see Criss as a young leather daddy?


  1. MG says

    I don’t know about Criss, but the stubble guy in the new banner looks like he could be pretty hot.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Who would have thought that in a picture imitating/celebrating the Village People (the gayest group in history) the one person who looks completely out of place is the one who is openly gay?

  3. justinw says

    Ah, my teenage years are coming back to me now. I cringe now, but back in the day I *loved* the Village People. I was still in high school and deep in the closet, but I loved the cowboy, the construction work and the leatherman (who I understand has since passed away from cancer, sigh).

  4. Paul R says

    So by process of elimination, Chord is the construction worker? I’m not good when people are in costumes; I have friends who do drag and I never recognize them in character.h

    I have a similar picture of several (straight) roommates and me doing the Village People 20 years ago. We won a Halloween contest. Oh, the things I could get those (hot) guys to do! Then a couple years later the Village People performed in my college town, and afterward attended a party hosted by a friend. He had sex with the Indian. I believe that two, not one, of the original members are dead, and a straight friend got in an argument with them because during the show they kept throwing out panties and asserting their (laughable) hetero bona fides.

    If Chord is leaving the series, I wonder why he’s doing this shot.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    So this is a photoshop? It says this was a fan created image. It must be b/c Darren isn’t that furry and chubby.

  6. anon says

    Weren’t there only five village people? Their blank young faces make them look completely asexual. Happy Halloween.

  7. huh? says

    Yeah this is definitely shopped. Skin tones don’t match from faces to arms and faces don’t quite sit correctly on heads.

  8. TNardi says

    This is a better than average PhotoShop, but a Photoshop nonetheless. As Huh? said, the skin tones don’t match. Also, the shading/lighting is way too off on Chris Colfer.

  9. HellsCook says

    Who is that as the cop? Since Mercedes is the only black person on the show, it almost must be her!

  10. Bruce Wayne says

    I have seen the Village People perform several times, in recent years, and they are Still Great! They (and Disco) are Pure Fun, and at their/our/my age can still move!
    See them if you can…while you can!
    I even paid for a VIP ticket at the last event, where we got to meet them, have pix taken and stand right up to the stage while they performed!
    Felipe gave me a feather…and, no that’s Not Code!


  11. Toto says

    Thats cool! Artie is left out again for a character that isnt even part of the same glee club! Terrific! Way to be progressive!

  12. bobby says

    I love how Andy continues to delude himself into thinking that his sexual fantasies regarding Darren Criss qualify as legitimate news.

  13. Chris says

    Daren Criss is my future husband, but now that he is the leather daddy of the crew my life is complete!! ;]