1. Jesus says

    Musical theater meets activism.

    Although, the glitter-bombing is getting a little played out. I’d hate to see something like glitter become a novelty…

    Oh wait, whoops. Great intentions anyhow. Bravo, nonetheless ­čśÉ

  2. jmopnyc says

    The midwesterners in the background are hilarious! They just don’t quite know what to think it seems.

    Still not sure how I feel about this whole glitter bombing craze or the effectiveness of this kind of display but I must admit this was pretty freaking awesome and I would have liked to have taken part in it.

  3. will says

    I’m sorry, this is embarrassing. First of all, the the dancing itself is acutely mediocre. We all know that if this were not a “gay event” and associated with the Bachmanns and we saw this choreography on youtube, we’d sigh and click to another video.

    Mediocre dancing, dreadful choreography mixed with activism is a very bad recipe. The glitter is like confetti after a terrible New Year’s eve party. I am lowering my head in gay shame right now.

  4. busytimmy says

    Will, really!? Have a sense of humor, most of America is with the horde. Who are you with? I’m looking forward to seeing you dance…..

  5. love it says

    Don’t miss the last 2 seconds of this video. Brilliant.

    I hope The Horde can do a creative, legal protest concerning Michele Bachmann’s “saying it’s ‘gay’ is part of Satan” statement — and her recent refusal to acknowledge or be held accountable for that statement.

  6. redball says


    i love how Ms. Marcus re-entered the performance halfway through (after i’d completely forgotten about him).

    And then took his rightful place among his tribe of gays. A story of redemption! The 2nd half made me emotional, actually. The show was beautiful.

    love the outfits & I love MY QUEEN who made this all possible w/ her beautiful song.

  7. kit says

    I was just re-reading Randy Shilts’s classic biography of Harvey Milk, The Mayor of Castro Street, when I stopped to check in with TR. I am am reminded, reading about Harvey, that the most important thing we can do is to be OUT and PROUD every day and everywhere. It wasn’t that long ago that we hid in the closets and hoped no one would find us (well, most of us anyway…) No matter what we think about whether glitter bombing has played out or not, no matter what we think about ANY of the tactics that our brothers and sisters use in the fight for equality, in my opinion, the fact that we are OUT and we are FIGHTING and we are not hiding and we are not silent — THAT is what matters most.

  8. Jude says

    This is ridiculous and that makes this very much appropriate. We don’t engage ourselves in a serious discussion with these people. We ridicule them and their opinions about us.

  9. says

    This has to be some of the most creative protesting I’ve ever seen.

    I have absolutely, positively no doubts we’re about T-2 years from finding out about some Marcus Bachman airport toe-tapping. The only question I have about it is if we’ll find out about it in the divorce or on the news.

    Needless to say, though, I’m sure these protests will have an effect. So long as the Bachmanns keep hating on us queer folk, I say keep it up!

    PS. I’d like to thank Lady Gaga for giving us one hell of an anthem. I’m not an obsessive fan, but when she’s on, she’s on.

  10. John Normile says

    Awesome!… In a strange way it reminds me of “The floor Show” in Rocky Horror Picture show, when even the hater realizes his inner sexuality….

  11. Mike says

    Don’t pay attention to Will. He’s one of those trolls paid for by the religious right/tea party to leave comments on “liberal” sites.
    What a loser!

  12. says

    It’s pathetic, how desperate some Gay people are for attention! Sorry, y’all, but doing something dumb in the name of Gay Rights does not make the dumb thing you did significant or effective. Time to go back to school and study the Black Civil Rights movement! Those activists were not about having fun. They were about winning their freedom! The two goals are entirely different.

  13. truthteller says

    I am a professional dancer and they did a great job for pedestrians. The choreography was simple and effective with a little bit of thriller thrown in. They were well rehearsed and their characterization of barbarians was spot on. What are your qualifications to say they are mediocre and where can we see your superb dancing?

    I love this kind of street theatre protests. Just because you’re fighting for your rights doesn’t mean you have to be sour.

    Great job guys. You are bringing more negative publicity to the gay haters and that is always good news.

  14. says

    I’m sorry, but I find this sort of protesting to be pointless and uncalled for. I really don’t see what it accomplishes other than just creating a stupid spectacle.

    I have no problem with people confronting the actual people they’re protesting with aggressive language, but the dancing and glitter bombing (which I found very funny at first when it was done to Gingrich) just seems ridiculous and serves our community in no positive way.

    It may just be my personal perspective (which seems more like someone who is 47 as opposed to 25), but I don’t see how this is any different than the idiots from Code Pink or the morons who stand in front of women’s clinics with pictures of dead babies.