Judge Cleared In Condom-Filled Acorn Case

JudgeNuts Perhaps one of the most bizarre stories I've heard in a long time:

A Pennsylvania judge has been cleared of violating judicial conduct standards after he gave two women hollowed-out acorns containing unwrapped condoms, an official said on Friday.

Magisterial District Judge Isaac Stoltzfus was attending a continuing education program in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in September when he handed the acorns to the women who worked for the state health and welfare department, court documents said.

"They make a nice afternoon snack, try them," he told them, according to the documents. "I'll be here tomorrow, let me know what you think."

Why Stoltzfus thought his nutty wooing would be enticing is beyond me. Regardless, he's gotten off — the hook, that is — the panel of judges reviewing his case described the stunt as "mystifying" and "lack[ing] in good judgement." Ya think?