1. says

    Fugly tattoos! Dude should keep his shirt on. There are tats that are beautiful, but the vast majority of people (as well as most Pop stars) don’t sport ’em. Hack jobs galore!

  2. IAN F says

    Fun idea, bad execution. Christina was unnecessary and Adam annoys me for some reason. The song is a little catchy but boring.

  3. Mike says

    Doesn’t anyone remember when this jackass gave a national interview and talked about the sordid (personal) details of his sex life w/ that 18 year old tennis player? I despise him for that.

  4. Ben says

    Wow. He is FINE! And, while I don’t know he’s naturally smooth, it’s quite possible that he’s naturally smooth. Don’t assume everyone with a chest like that shaves it.

  5. MrJ says

    You despise a random hot straight guy for talking about his sex life with a random hot 18 year old? huh?!?

  6. says

    Fun video. Any old footage of Mick is a treat. Adam’s fun to watch. As always, Christina adds some extra sparkle with her unmistakable (but much too brief) vocals. Great dance remixes are available and add some much needed shimmer to this summer’s clubbing!

  7. says

    I’ve always felt that Maroon 5 is one of those bands I’m “supposed” to like, but they’ve never put out a song that I haven’t found either bad or worse, annoying. I’m beginning to think I just don’t like his voice.

    Anyway, I guess I can say this: It’s not the worst Maroon 5 song, and I actually did like the Christina part.

  8. Bryan says

    Another “singer” whose “voice” is an engineering artifact. Another “dancer” whose “movement” is video editing. Another “artist” whose “talent” is looking f*ckable in the costume. Another piece of “art” whose art is Walmart. And another bit of plagiarism secure in the knowledge that its target audience has no knowledge of what been copied.

    It’s impossible to even talk about this stuff without being buried alive in punctuation. It’s profit marinated in artifice carefully calculated to minimize content while maximizing a counterfeit of irony that’s in fact nothing more than a smug, vapid, safe avoidance of any statement beyond the most trivial of “whatevers.”

    It’s sh*t. Flush it.

  9. Chris says

    best part(s) of the video were Jagger….beautiful lips….and that sequined jumper from 1972 designed by Ossie Clark…..time to put some Exile On Main Street on….

  10. Drew says

    Adam has a nasal voice, but he’s good eye candy. So… yeah… that’s all I got on this video.

  11. jason says


    Well said. It’s why the American music industry is in such a depressed state right now. It pains me to see gay men falling for this crap.

  12. says

    @Bryan: This is what pains you? Really?
    I’d hate the kind of overload you go into when something bad actually happens. Like the wars, the economy, Republican politics, etc., etc. …

  13. Scott A says

    Totally agree with Bryan. This is like preservative-laced high carb artificially sweetened bleh! >_< This is more formulaic recipe pop…

  14. bostonbeat says

    ugh. i wanted to hate this song and was THIS ready to talk soooo much smack about it but then, i heard it.

    great pop record, fun beat. that’s it. nothing more. and MICK JAGGER IN THE VIDEO??? makes you really thank pioneers like mick for some of the best rock music ever made and for the inspiration to fashion etc.

  15. Mick says

    Who cares if it’s not completely original, nothing is original people take their inspiration from whatever they get. Lady gaga takes stuff from Madonna… Wait who really cares! Artists everywhere learn their art from other artists, they pay respects by hinting at them and creating songs that have similiar qualities. If you’re looking for originality, you’ll never find it. “originality is just plagiarism undiscovered”

  16. Randy* says


    Oh, and @Bryan, tell us how you really feel, hon. It’s pop music. If you want something of substance, listen to Pink Floyd or Leonard Cohen.


  17. Lady Heather says

    Not a big Maroon 5 fan, but damn, this song is as catchy as hell. And it doesn’t edit the word “shit” like the You Tube video does.