1. NoSleep4Sam says

    Enough with the Terry Richardson blowjobs. Do you know how many good photographers there are in NYC and LA? TOOOOONNNS. and they aren’t as skeevy as he is.

  2. says

    Terry Richardson’s images are all about his skeeviness. That’s his shtick. Like it or don’t like it, at least he has a point of view. And the line-less face… if photoshop can turn a 65 year old woman into a 45 year old woman, that’s pretty impressive.

  3. Juabdib says

    You know what they say about big feet? Just ask that Barbie doll collector David Getz…

  4. anonymous says

    Is that a recent photograph? DAMN I’m 42 and want to look like that photoshop or not!

  5. Paul R says

    Between makeup and high-end gels and moisturizers, she may not be Photoshopped.

    Not my favorite pictures, but Richardson is much harder to view.

  6. Christian says

    Agree with NoSleep4Sam, not only is Terry Richardson a gross skeever (schtick or no schtick), his photos are not that great IMO. I don’t get what’s so appealing about some celebrity in front of a white wall. At least people like LaChapelle etc have some color and creativity in their works. Terry Richardson is just some boring creeper hipster scum. Maybe he has a good coke connection.

  7. jason says

    Terry Richardson is a sleaze who sexually objectifies women in a way that props up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. He’s not very gay-friendly, either.

  8. Kenny says

    I never will understand the fascination with this woman.Shes never been gay friendly even when asked about homosexuality she avoids the subject or gets rude about it.I believe her mother was far more gay friendly .Liza has just been using the gay community for years she doesnt give a crap about any of us or our rights.

  9. Derek Pearce says

    Richardson’s skeeviness doesn’t bother me from a moral point of view– but it’s lame and tired. Is he going to dine out on his shtick forever? Whomever above said it’s all about his coke connections is bang on. Liza looks great, good for her, but any old photog coulda made her look great.

  10. romeo says

    Well, they keep telling us that Boomers are going to change the whole idea of growing old. LOL