1. says

    Might she have made a good movie? I can’t wait to see… though the idea of new music excites me quite a bit more… In this case, I’m guessing she’s working on the film music with Orbit, and not her new album. Either way, it’s time.

  2. Nick says

    I’m actually kind of excited if she is working with Orbit again. Yeah, I get the whole 1998 reference, but let’s face it, the music she made with Orbit and Mirwais was/is light years ahead of her last two albums. I put her on shuffle the other day, and Ray of Light, Music, and (yes, really) American Life are just so much better. I actually thought at the time how much fun it would be if she did work with Orbit again. You never know, they might challenge each other to new heights!

  3. Rich F. says

    The movie had better not gloss over the fact that Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer, and possibly a traitor.

  4. Villageboy13 says

    While I would LOVE for Madonna to work with Orbit again, how is Boy George a credible source in regards to this matter?

  5. Terra says

    OMG, BG is totally creditable. They (Madge and Boy) both had hits in the 80s, are both considered 80s icons, gay icons, both lived in London. Boy is a dj and in the know. Of course he knows that Billy Orbit is hanging with the lady uptown.