NOM Spent Over $700,000 In Anti-Gay Minnesota Fight


We all know that the National Organization for Marriage spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their 2010 fight against marriage equality in Minnesota.

Now the Minnesota Independent tells us how much:

Findings by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board show that the National Organization for Marriage spent $709,000 on radio and television ads during the gubernatorial campaign in 2010.

Those ads targeted [Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party member] Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner for their support for marriage equality and lent support for the campaign of Republican Tom Emmer, who supported a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage.

The ads, paid for by the New Jersey-based NOM were created by the California-based Schubert Flint Public Affairs.

Just think of all the good NOM and their allies could have done with that money, rather than financing discrimination and hate.


  1. Keppler says

    Frank Schubert, of Schubert Flint Public Affairs, is the guy who came up with the strategy for the pro-Prop 8 campaign in California that focused on the “damage” same-sex marriage would do to children. His lies were very appealing to the latent bigotry of a large segment of California voters. His sister is a lesbian, by the way, a woman he purports to love and respect.

  2. paul says

    seriously when you look at the starving children in the world…the homeless teens on the streets etc…and these people claim to be Christian ??? What bible chapter said ‘Spend money on anti gay TV ads and totally turn a blind eye to dying children”?

  3. Frank says

    Why not actually use that money to SUPPORT MARRIAGE? Work on the straight people who are married and messing up their lives. Stop divorce, stop infidelity. It’s just easier to blame the gays for everything. Sometimes I wish that the Soviet Union was still a super-power, at least it gave these wackos something else to focus on.

  4. Pete n SFO says

    Who else is on the client list of that firm?

    They can’t all be bigots that want to be associated w/ that kind of targeted discrimination.

    And, seriously, why can’t we get in the open who are the deep pockets behind NOM? It’s gotta be the churches.

  5. says

    Maggie Gallagher got knocked up when she was unmarried, gave birth to a son whom she raised (as a single mother!) and is now watching him take part in NY’s musical theatre community.

    so let’s just take a breath and realize that her anti-gay fervor is nothing more than her trying to “atone” for her own open-legged sins.

    She’s “making it up to God” for being a cumdump years ago and has decided to make attacking gays and non-Christians her means of atonement.

    freakin’ lame.

    gotta love these types of Christians – the economy is tanking and they raise money to….try to stop gays from marrying. shameful.

  6. Abel says

    Yeah, just think of all those Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes $700,000 would buy Maggie and Brian. What a waste. I will be glad when these two and their allies are in the dustbin of history along with George Wallace, the KKK and the like.

    Yes, the Catholic and Mormon Church are both heavy contributors to NOM. Count on it.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    I could be wrong, but there are apparently 3 court orders against NOM to disclose who it’s big corporate donors are. NOM has failed to deliver on the order. Why hasn’t someone in the legal field not done anything about this? According to NOM’s 501(c)4 nonprofit IRS code, nonprofits are mandated by the IRS code to disclose individual donations of $1000 or more and for corporations $5000 or more. If it were you or I ignoring a court order, we would be arrested thrown in jail or fined, or both. I think the IRS should revokd NOM’s tax exemption for violating code at least.

  8. fritzrth says

    “Just think of all the good NOM and their allies could have done with that money, rather than financing discrimination and hate.”

    That assumes NOM has any interest whatsoever in doing something good.

  9. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Pathologicals and Prejudice

    In The Anatomy of Prejudices Elizabeth Young-Bruehl looks at such “primary prejudices” as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. She argues that they fall into one or another combination of categories: obsessional, hysterical, or narcissistic.

    Obsessional (Paranoid) prejudice, by her definition, sees its objects as omnipresent conspirators or enemies set on one’s destruction, who therefore must be eliminated.

    Hysterical (Histrionic) prejudice interprets the hated individuals as “other, as inferior, and as sexually threatening”. Racism is the best example of hysterical prejudice.

    Narcissistic prejudice “cannot tolerate the idea that there exist people who are not like them”. She argues that homophobia alone fits all these categories, and this might help account for its persistence and prevalence.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

  10. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The folk wisdom is that the most homophobic people are those who are repressing their own latent homosexuality. Certainly there is anecdotal evidence to support this. Homophobia does tend to occur most strongly in tight-knit macho units of men where homoeroticism is very much in the air, but homosexuality is strictly forbidden. These men need to deny any sexual component to their bonding and can increase their solidarity by turning violently on “fags” or “queers” who are defined as completely alien. This is a phenomenon found amongst teenage gangs, police and soldiers.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

    One reason sexuality and gender conformity are the cause of so much attention by fundamentalist forces, wherever they may be, is that examples of people making individual choices are too challenging. Autonomy — especially for women — is a threat to authoritarian and patriarchal control.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 81

  11. Mark says

    NOM is what happens in America when we give Stupid and Evil a voice, in the name of freedom of speech. NOM spreads lies, hate, and acts as a launderer of money that goes from churches directly to political campaigns. In any sane country an organization like NOM would be shut down as harmful to the overall peace of society. But here in the good old US of A, NOM flourishes because people are stupid enough to believe that there are always two sides to every issue and that mediocrity deserves a voice and is even entitled to political representation. For evidence of this, you need look no further than the IQ caliber of most politicians that get elected to Congress.

  12. just_a_guy says

    I think it may be time that each of us starts to tour the “churches” in our neighborhoods, one each Sunday—not to join them, gosh no. To PRAY for them…they NEED it, bad.

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