1. Michaelandfred says

    Perfect. Let them continue to throw money at losing causes. Eventually even the most rabid marriage equality foes will tire of flushing money down the toilet. AS we move forward, as poll after poll shows majorities favoring marriage equality, the cash will start to tighten up, then stop. Poor Maggie might have to start spending some of her own millions that she’s milked out of this crusade.

  2. MT says

    Guess what NOM??!? The world didn’t end when we got the right to marry in New York! What’s more is now people realize it’s not the hideous threat to civilization that you make it out to be!

  3. JP says

    I wish journalists and bloggers would refer to NOM as their full title of “The hate-group NOM…” or “known bigot Maggie Gallagher…” when referring to her. Just writing their names without descriptors adds legitimacy to them as though they have the credibility to say and do the hateful things they do. It’s fine that they say them – they have the right to, but why should others be left with the notion that they have the respect of being anything more than a fringe extremist group that spreads hate? I say describe them as what they are.

  4. Dave says

    FYI: One of NOM’s major financial backers, the Knights of Columbus, uses Marist to do its polling. So they can’t complain about pollster bias.

  5. Brad Lane says

    I’m from Ohio, but my partner of 18 years and I went to Niagara Falls NY and got married on July 27.

    The people could not have been nicer! I was actually kind of shocked. At the clerk’s office, a man who looked to be in his 40’s overheard us say to the clerk that we were paying the judge in advance for our wedding. He asked when and where we were having the ceremony and congratulated us and he really seemed sincere.

    We stayed at a B&B and the couple that runs it made all the wedding arrangements for us and they were just super people and really happy that we were their first gay wedding! They asked if they could put our picture on their website.

    We had a really nice little ceremony outdoors along the rapids. The judge was great and he seemed very happy to be marrying us.

    All in all, we had very positive reactions all around and we are very very happy!

  6. says

    Well since absoluely nothing bad of note has happened since gay marriage was made law why would people be upset? Hopefully those who were on the fence in regards to this issue were able to see the results and say to themselves, “Wow, I guess it’s the right thing to do after all.”

  7. Danny says

    @JP: if news media describe such people as what they are does that mean that every time Maggie Gallagher is mentioned they can say that she’s a fat, sore loser?