1. Jack M says

    Paper towels and napkins are both quite effective at mopping up frothy stains in the bedroom!

  2. Bryan Parker says

    Aside from the obvious comments I could make about Fox News and Rick Santorum…I want to know where the hell he is that they sell tuxedos in the produce section?

  3. Terra says

    It’s kind of ironic that he’s speaking in front of a smiling corn balloon when corn has been rewritten and changed from what it is – causing so many of our health problem especially obesity. He really should be speaking about that. But his followers probably don’t want to hear about how they are living and how they should change.

  4. Mike says

    LOL @ Brian! I noticed the same thing–tuxedos next to the produce and deli. Must be a Walmart in Iowa kinda thing.

  5. Chris says

    This is the kind of argument that he felt would play well in a town where ther delicatessen sells tuxedos. Stay classy, Rick!

  6. Rick S. says

    I was just amused at the consumers indifferently going about their business in the background, while Santorum is ranting about paper towels and napkins. I mean, his campaign clearly died months ago, so what exactly is driving him, and to whom does he think he is speaking to?

  7. Pete n SFO says

    The shoppers look bored. I wonder how many were in the audience…

    And did he really try and make his point, in the produce section, using the word “metaphysical”.

    Oh, gurrrrl, you just don’t get it, do you?

  8. Rick S. says

    Actually, I will answer my own question; Santorum is continuing to run because of “santorum”; to admit his campaign is over is to admit that he was defeated, in part, by what Dan Savage did to him.

  9. TampaZeke says

    Comparing straight marriage/gay marriage to napkins/paper towels is a GREAT analogy. Too bad Ricky totally screwed it up. See just like napkins and paper towels, straight marriages and gay marriages only differ in appearance and purpose to uptight, self-righteous busy bodies, with too much time on their hands, who concern themselves way too much about what OTHER people do with THEIR paper products in THEIR OWN homes. I might add that the busy bodies are all too often using paper towels as napkins themselves while condemning others for doing the same. You know, like Rekers, Haggard, Larry Craig and all the others who haven’t been CAUGHT using paper towels yet. ­čśë

    Thanks for the brilliant analogy Rick. I’ll use it often!

  10. says

    How is marriage like a napkin?

    Hey, kids, it’s a party game!

    A marriage is like a napkin because both are disposed of after one use.

    A marriage is like a napkin because both come in plastic packages of 100.

    A marriage is like a napkin because both are made of wood pulp.

  11. matt says

    @Brian, i was thinking the same thing but you know it really makes it convenient when planning your redneck wedding. Everything is right there; you get your tux, order the deli platter and potato salad for the reception and i’m sure, just out of camera range was the fine selection of polyester, wash and wear bridal gowns.

  12. gr8guyca says

    I am surprised he didn’t go further and compare napkins and toilet paper. “Napkins and toilet paper are made of the same material.
    But one is nice and clean and proper – like straight sex. The other is dirty, disgusting, and messy – like gay sex.”

  13. ESA says

    GR8GUYCA, I’ve had “straight” sex and I’ve had “gay” sex, and believe me, there are some things you just can’t clean up with either.

  14. Stephen says

    I feel compelled to speak on behalf of my state to tell you that this is the only hy-vee or any grocery i’ve heard of that has tuxedo rentals. And no, Iowa Falls is not the classiest of places, but please please don’t think Iowans rent their tuxedos from grocery stores! *facepalm*