1. Gregoire says

    Having a good drag impersonation of yourself is always good for your career and your image. Just ask Cher or Madonna.

    Drew’s rendition is perfect for Chloe too. Not an exact impression, but a parody of the hipster ideal that Chloe has sometimes embodied. I’m glad to read she has a good sense of humor!

  2. Codswallop says

    In “Magnanimity,” drag Chloe meets drag Martha Plimpton (Pleemton) and talks about how frequently other actors have been hostile to her, “In fact, it’s recently come to my attention that Tony Shaloub has set up a hunter’s perch in a sheepskin yurt in that there ficus. He’s quite a devil with a pellet gun.”

    It’s so unexpected and nonsensical every time I think of it I laugh. That and the frequent digs at Jean Tripplehorn.

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