News: Zimbabwe, Lionel Messi, Tampa Bay Rays, The Situation

Road Why is Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper dodging the issue of civil unions?

Endora RoadGuess what's being remade, again.

RoadWindsor, Ontario gay bashers get three years for robbery, beating: "Justice Scott Campbell stated the Crown had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the attack, which left Chris Rabideau with two black eyes, a fractured nose and other injuries, was hate motivated by the victim’s homosexuality."

RoadON SET: Catwoman crashes the Batcycle.

RoadFive arrested in Zimbabwe on suspicion of being gay: "The five men include a 55-year-old white and 4 black men whose ages have not yet been released, they are currently detained at Domboshava Police Station awaiting trial."

RoadAir France refuses to transport gay asylum seeker from Cameroon following UK deportation order.

RoadGay London bookshop Gay's The Word hit hard by rioting: "Manager Jim MacSweeney said he believed the incident was opportunistic but motivated by homophobia. He added: 'For us it's probably lads seeing what's happening on the TV and thinking they can get away with kicking our window in….What has been really touching is the messages of support we have had not only from our customers but also from members of the community who agree this is not acceptable.'" Birmingham gay village hit too

RoadKarl Lagerfeld's boytoy Baptiste Giabiconi talks to Glamoholic magazine.

Endeavor_mars RoadRover sends back new views of Martian surface.

RoadNASA funds 30 new space research projects.

RoadMalaysian pastor urges gays to "keep coming out" to combat homophobia: "Gay people cannot just blame straight people for not understanding us." Ouyang, wearing a flesh-coloured top with a crucifix and tattoos on his shoulder and arm, called on gay Malaysians to show their "true faces and tell them who we are".

RoadVIDEO: Katy Perry joined on stage by….Rebecca Black.

RoadTask force begins work to combat anti-LGBT hate crimes in South Africa: "The justice department announced the formation of the team in May, following a wave of so-called 'corrective rapes,' in which men brutally assault homosexual women, in order to change their sexual orientation."

RoadJohn Boehner and Mitch McConnell announce picks for deficit "supercommittee".

Messi RoadFootballer Lionel Messi yachts in Ibiza.

RoadVIDEO: The Situation hits on Jesse Eisenberg.

RoadBBC defends gay content in Torchwood: "In post-watershed content, we must be able to justify the frank and realistic portrayal of sex and the exploration of themes and issues which some people might find offensive."

RoadMission America wingnut Linda Harvey: Gays and lesbians should be banned from teaching. "Kids should not be put in the confusing position of having a teacher they like and respect in many ways who’s also known to be practicing homosexual behavior."

RoadTampa Bay Rays to make "It Gets Better" video: “We believe in the impact these videos can have upon LGBTQ youth in all communities,” said Brian Auld, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the Rays. “The Rays are proud to join fellow baseball clubs in taking a stand against bullying.”


  1. FernLaPlante says

    That Miss America is an idiot. Sadly she probably does represent a percentage of this country. I’d be more worried about my kids being taught by an ignorant beauty queen.

  2. nodnarb says

    Wow, that is the first “hot” picture I’ve ever seen of Messi. A decent haircut does wonders. He usually has a mullet!

    I’ll be shocked if there are more than 2 people on this blog who’ve heard of Messi. He deserves far more attention than that greasy hack Ronaldo.

  3. Rick says

    So now we are LGBTQ? Hell, why don’t we just add every letter of the alphabet and include the entire population of the world?


  4. FernLaPlante says

    @Rick. Several universities have LGBTQA. Not so sure why we need the Q or A. Q should fall under B. A is for allies.

  5. mike128 says

    Q can stand for Queer or Questioning. Queer or Questioning is not the same as Bi. In particular, some people who don’t fit neatly into just one category (e.g. a lesbian trans-woman) might feel more aptly identified as “queer”. And it’s a bit biphobic to equate bisexuality and questioning.

  6. Disgusted American says

    well as a kid I loved Bewitched….and when I heard a movie was to be made – I couldn’t wait, Directed by Ted Bessell (That Girl’s BF Don Hollinger) well,he died was shelved…and Nora Ephron picked it up…mistake no-1, Nicole Kidman was good….Story Sucked..NOT Enough sound effects…Farrell-MIS-cast…and where was the Original House? helloooo!!!! Anyway – I thought PIXAR would do a Good job, Erin Murphy could do Samantha’s voice? Anyway – we’ll see where this goes…I heard- funny casting – Carrot Top as Endora? LOL

  7. Randy says

    What exactly does it take to get something declared a hate crime in Canada, a notarized declaration before the attack?

  8. Lexxvs says

    I know Messi, how not (soccer is a kind of a religion around here) and a gay friend of mine doesn’t think he’s attractive, so I always tease him about that famous player. Not a fashion model perfect face, but come on, he is cute. And has a million dollar bubble butt, that’s for sure.

  9. Syrax says

    @nodnarb – I know who Messi is, but I’m Brazilian so I guess I’m biased. In other ridiculous football hair news, do you know who Neymar is?