Towleroad Guide To The Tube #951

“WE’LL HELP YOU OUT:” Bank of America executive makes pledge to Rick Perry.

TEARJERKER: Final scene of Gia; gets me every time.

GIGGLE FIGHT: How does Anderson Cooper’s giggle fit measure up to Matt Lauer’s?

“IOWA PASSION:” Why did Sarah Palin make video about her Iowa trip?

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  1. Sindy says

    What an exciting time to be an American. We’ve got Sarah AND Michele – two really, really pretty ladies who are also nice and are Christians who want to bring the country back to its Bible-based roots and who like fried butter on a stick. They both like to talk to people and they get really excited when they do. It’s so inspiring to imagine either one of them being President and sitting at that big desk in the White House and wearing something really pretty and having their Bible on that desk so they can share Christ with everyone who comes into their President office. I get goose-bumps just thinking about it. Don’t y’all?

  2. walter says

    make sure to let boa know how you feel about them funneling money to tricky ricky. they had to have money fom the federal government to keep them solvent now they can contribute to a right wing christian bigot. what a waste of taxpayer dollars. should have let them go belly up.

  3. say what says


    They need money now. they only have 71-83 Bill in assets and their legal bills and fines total about that much then they have all those countrywide worthless mortgages

    BOA is either belly up or bail out at the moment and the problem is

    NO $$$ or political will for another bail out. I guess they think if they grease up Perry he might get them a bail out though it might be too late 2012

    Major Economists started ringing BOA’s death toll like last week

  4. paul says

    hmmm…well, great I just refinanced my home with BOA. I don’t know how we are ever going to filter out what companies do business with right-wingers…I mean, I love New Balance shoes, and now it is come out that the top guy gave money to fighting gay marriage. ugh!!
    You know I don’t think there is anything wrong with the country except for 2 wars, which we need to pull out of and greedy bastards who feel entitled…including corporations!! Hello Mitt Romney!!

  5. JAMES says

    I closed my BofA accounts last year and switched to Chase because of a dispute I had with BofA. I’m really thankful I made that choice after seeing that video. But now I wonder how Chase is behaving.

  6. James says

    Bank of America executives now have plenty of money, provided for by US tax payers in the form of billions of dollars in bail out money, to support the GOP so they can get back into government to continue to push monetary policies that lead to the huge financial collapse in the first place!? WTF!

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