1. JKM says

    He needs to come to DC and do that. Embassy Row, Capital Hill and K Street would be good areas for him to start.

    @Erich, it’s only not legal if the law says so…otherwise it’s open season in Vilnius for the Mayor to take whatever steps he deems necessary or are needed to fix the problem.

  2. Jim says

    YEAH! I’d like to do that to people who use “Handicapped” placards when they aren’t really handicapped! My pet peeve!

  3. lietuvis says

    Puiki ideja, geras pamokantis filmukas. Tik pjauna ausi mero naudojamas zodis “parkavimas” !!! Mes masinas statome, ne parkuojame….

  4. Chris says

    Notice he’s crushing what I’m sure is a staged car worth about $6,000.00, instead of the Rolls Royce or Ferrari?

  5. StuntQueen says

    @ Chris

    I noticed the exact same thing. I’m sure the dude’s watch is worth more than that 16 year old Benz. Totes a publicity stunt. I’m sure the Ferrari owners are sipping their tea unbothered by this stunt.

  6. tobal says

    @Chris: It’s Lithuana after all — I don’t think Rolls Royce and Ferraris abound.

  7. Joseph Singer says

    Doesn’t the Irish Times know the difference between a bus lane and a bicycle lane? Evidently not. A bus most likely does not fit in a meter wide lane.

  8. Samhraid says

    ….mmmmm, from the same people who ban pride events. Not that I’m pro auto,never had one never will. Do you think he’d also enjoy driving over queers?

  9. Darrell says

    Totally staged considering that there was only 1 car on the entire street. But a good message to people who park without regards to parking regulations…..

    A lot of new Asian immigrants to Canada seem to have parking issue’s because they don’t pay attention to no parking or handicapped signs….Perhaps the local cops or the RCMP could start borrowing tanks from the Canadian Armed Forces to teach then what exactly a no parking sign means……Once they get their brand new Nissan’s, Honda’s or Toyota’s crushed maybe they will learn how to park like the rest of us.

  10. says

    Kind of amusing. Wish I could remember what that armoured vehicle actually is, cause it ain’t a tank. Its actually been bugging me that I can’t remember. Oh well.

  11. Samhraid says

    @ rob …it’s a saracen, people in Belfast and Derry know a lot about them. Maybe the Lithuanians could give one rainbow livery and have it head a pride parade.

  12. mmike1969 says

    1) It’s not a ‘tank’.. More like an APC… :p

    2) What kind of government does Lithuania has where city mayors have access to APC’s for this kind of stunt?

    3) I totally approve this kind of government action against jerks who park illegally!