1. says

    It is all so heart breaking………and these right wing extremists, (excerpts from some of them shown here), are collaborators in these unspeakable deaths.

    And I love the idea of the “homosexual agenda” including ‘dignity’ and ‘respect’ for others.

  2. Dback says

    Coming so soon on the joyous heels of the “DADT” repeal, this is just the saddest thing. How tragic that even though his school had an anti-bullying program, and he said he had many online friends, it still wasn’t enough. Such a sweet young man, full of life and potential and compassion, now gone. What a tragic waste.

  3. truthiness says

    poor kid. my heart bleeds for him.

    if only there were more celebrities to set the example of being out & proud. of showing him that things do get better. that gay men, women & teens don’t have to hide in the closet in their personal, social & professional lives. then the bullying wouldn’t be so horrid and lonely. if only…right Anderson?

  4. The Iron Orchard says

    My heart breaks for Jamey, and other kids like him, but what really makes my skin crawl is Anderson Cooper’s hypocrisy. By Anderson’s unwillingness to publically state that he is gay only adds to the idea that there is shame in being gay. This little closet shell gay that he plays, everyone knows hat I’m gay so why do I have to actaully say it? Or even more hypicritical as a journalist I have to stay neutral by being in the closet. Just shameful. Keeping Them Honest…if it wasn’t so disgusting and destructive it would be laughable.

  5. ratbastard says

    Jamey was ‘suicidal’ for YEARS?! Jamey had VERY SERIOUS mental health issues that were not adequately addressed. I’m not sure if he’s a typical example of a gay kid, even one who is being bullied. Clearly something more was going on than just Jamey being gay, IMHO. No one can un-do Jamey’s suicide, but judging by Jamey’s online postings, obsessions especially with suicide, etc. more extreme measures should have been taken to help him. Looking at all the blatant signs Jamey exhibited [that posted youtube video is PAINFUL to watch…he was a 14 year old BOY, but acting like a much older, weary man] I don’t understand why Jamey wasn’t receiving serious, even in-house psychiatric care, moved to a more appropriate school setting [if available] etc.

    I’m extremely uncomfortable using an obviously seriously mentally ill boy’s suicide for base political , and making Jamey a gay ‘martyr’.

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    When a young man, who is such a beautiful light, takes his life, we are all to blame. There is hatred and fear all over the world and we must ALL work towards dispelling this ignorance. We will remember Jamey and others like him who have been so profoundly misunderstood.

  7. Jack M says


    No I really don’t know what you mean. A martyr, by definition, is “one who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle.” This poor young boy did not have any intention to so any such thing.

    So, please spare me the bitchy comments.

  8. dms says

    Anderson, by continuing to be in the closet you are contributing to the problem. Specifically, that being gay is something you should have to hide. It’s great to do these stories, but nothing beats being honest, setting an example and being a role model.

  9. ohplease says

    “if only there were more celebrities to set the example of being out & proud”

    Yes, because none of those exist. Honestly, just how stupid are you?

  10. ohplease says

    “Anderson, by continuing to be in the closet you are contributing to the problem.”

    Everyone in the world knows Anderson Cooper is gay. EVERYONE. He’s photographed with his boyfriend all over the globe. He’s one of the best supporters of LGBT rights in any media EVER. Because he’s GAY. Which EVERYONE knows.

    This is REALITY. How can you not know this? You’re on the Internet — where EVERYONE is talking about how Anderson Cooper is GAY.

    What the hell is this closet you’re talking about? I know it used to exist as late at the mid-1990s, but that was a long time ago. There is no closet in the 21st Century and your own words PROVE it.

  11. jj says

    @truthiness The poor kid was making use of the It Gets Better resource already, which has tons of videos from celebrities and regular people saying it gets better. He also had Gaga who he cherished. Celebrity endorsement has limited value, and it was already played out in this case. We need to look beyond the celebrity thing to other matters like school policies and programs.

  12. Danny says

    uh, ratbastard, are you saying that because this kid had a different psychological profile that somehow makes it less unacceptable to bully him?

  13. says

    @DMS : Anderson Cooper in the closet ? Ha ha ha !
    You are either very funny or from another planet.
    And it’s not about Anderson…’s about another tragedy that is so appalling it should make us scream about bullying.

  14. curt says

    This guy could do alot more if he would publicly come out…. but no he’s so afraid of what people think. All he has to say is i’m gay and its ok, its ok… things can get better. But he insist on this charade.

  15. JOE 2 says

    I used to share the contempt of some commenters here regarding Anderson Cooper’s “hypocrisy,” until one commenter on these boards pointed out that Mr. Cooper often performs journalistic duties in countries where an overt declaration of a gay orientation would actually be grounds for denying his admission to the countries, or for murdering him if he were allowed to enter.

  16. Hunter says

    Many of you are giving Anderson Cooper entirely too much power.

    “If only Anderson would come out…”


  17. chrispy33 says

    Most people commenting are forgetting the parents. It’s their duty to know their child and what they are up to. They must be held partly complicit in this tragic situation. Both the parents of the bullied and the bullies. You just can’t fault the school and not them also. They should have taken him out of that place, provided adequate counseling, etc. Just as important as the inschool bullying campaign is, it must also extend to the parents of all students.

  18. Dan says

    Blame the parents? As if they are not suffering enough? HOW DARE YOU! I’m sure they were not aware of just how bad he was feeling, as he seemed to be putting up a pretty good front. No one will ever know for sure just what was going through that poor boy’s mind.

  19. A.G. says

    I give A.C. credit for more extensive coverage of this tragedy than I have seen elsewhere in the media. As far as I can tell, Cooper is out in his personal life. If he were out journalistically, I believe some people would say he’s only covering the topic this way because he is gay.