1. Ronny says

    Not clever. Not funny. I didn’t even smile, let alone laugh. Is there a reason “Hey, girl!” is supposed to be funny? I hope no one spent a lot of time on this. Ashman wrote witty lyrics–why remake it so poorly and with all wit removed?

  2. Mike says

    lol why is everyone saying it’s awful? it wasn’t as funny as it could have been. still good tho.

  3. LadyTheater says

    I thought this video was hilarious… these guys on here who don’t like it might as well just be the characters in the chorus who aren’t interesting either.

    This is the definition of viral. It was made for fun on someone’s computer and because of its entertainment factor became a hit across the web. Let’s support creativity!

  4. jaragon says

    Brilliantly reveals the gay subtext in a animated classic but seriously now have you checked out “Pinochio”

  5. jamesintoronto says

    What a humourless sire Towleroad has turned into. I thought that was quite funny… not the funniest thing I ever saw but still quite humorous.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    Only reason I watched the video in its entirety is because I haven’t seen this classic of a movie since sometime in the 90s. This parody was awful. So, a stereotypical gay man’s voice and attitude in a woman’s body? How hilarious….

  7. says

    LMFAO!!!! Thank you Andy. When I was coming out about the time BATB was released some of my “straight” friends and I would play this scene over and over and totally rewrite the lyrics in much the same fashion. Can’t believe so many people don’t get it….sad queens abound.

  8. Horatio says

    Oh, come on. It was sweet. Somebody is showcasing imagination in West Hollywood. It’s not Bertolucci’s 1900 or Send in the Clowns – it’s a parody! They’re supposed to be kind of stupid.

    My question: how long before Disney jumps all over it like white on rice and issues a cease-and-desist? I predict 24 hours.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    OMG Disney is having a fit in his grave and hell is freezing over and I thought it was funny.

  10. JeffNYC says

    Commenters like Ronny are reasons for Andy to disable comments on this site.

    I would rather have no comments at all than be subjected to his toxic and relentless self-hatred.

  11. bobbin says

    I’m going to guess that those who are hating on this are agasp b/c they see their own day-to-day behavior being parodied. Yes, you are indeed silly gurls.

    Take it as face value! Cheeky fun.

  12. says

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, whatever it may be, especially about this lame video. Making fun of or insulting someone for their opinion is very, very small minded.

    I am of the opinion that this video is stereotypical, vocally irritating and is a set back to queer dignity and respect. That is my opinion and you have a right to your opinion but I am not going to chastise or mock you for your opinion. Dignity matters.

  13. Eric26 says

    Remember kids, you can only have an opinion if you say, “I liked it!”. You are not allowed to not enjoy things.

    I chuckled at one line in the video, but otherwise, in my own opinionnnn, it’s not very good.

  14. says

    Why do Gay blogs insist on posting this kind of lame sh*t? I’m really sick of these flamer stereotypes being shoved down my throat! That anybody finds them funny is a sad commentary on how much American humor has deteriorated in the past few years. FYI: Gay men are not “queens”, sad or otherwise. Get a damn clue!

  15. Keithy says

    It made me laugh and brightened up my day. I’m so glad that I can enjoy stuff like this rather than justing hating things like certain commenters who live to bring everyone down. Though I suspect the haters get a perverse pleasure in hating.

  16. Keithy says

    Oh, and incidentally, when I checked the video has 3960 likes and 65 dislikes. Isn’t it interesting how that 1% minority just love to share their dreary, hating opinions with everyone else.

  17. Rob says

    A cute idea and worth a fun chuckle. I give people a long rope when they try to amuse, even if they miss the mark in spots. Beats the sum total of my creative output of the last 6 months.

    Funny, I’ve always lamented the hetero-normative pressure of the Disney fantasy. It’s always boy meets girl, and the most we ever get is a tom boy on the side somewhere. I’m not saying Disney needs to have Pocahontas meet another princess, but couldn’t there be one gay couple somewhere- maybe in some Pixar film- that a kid at least understands, and maybe defends?