1. Jim says

    Every time I see this boy he makes me happy – he’s just so cute and so silly, with that rockin body. Now that he’s establish his credentials as a great lip-syncher, it will be interesting to see what he can do as himself.

  2. Denis says

    He’s hot.. but it’s unfortunate Chris “Leave Britney Alone!” Crocker looks EXACTLY like this dude now.. minus the muscles..

  3. peterparker says

    He’s beautiful. But he creeps me out, not because he can mimic a woman so very wel. but because he seems like a black hole of attention seeking narcissism.

  4. oneway says

    Contra Malcolm above, how satisfying that a dude with his physical looks is so happily chirpy and has a such an easy smile.

  5. Mark says

    He is a very talented performer. I love watching him. Someone could make a mint by writing or helping him with his material.

  6. waffy says

    is it wrong that i squished him with the door one time at the club and while apologizing i somewhat felt him up slightly lol

  7. OberonOZ says

    @Ronsfo. Yup… me too!! Id LOVE to exploit him in as many ways as he would let me :) Cute, talented and funny. God… I think I wanna marry him :)

  8. Bob R says

    JR: My understanding is he is gay and out. He’s also adorable. I don’t know how tall he is, but I think he could make it as a model. I also think he should look into landing an acting job. His lip-syncing routines probably won’t carry him too far, but I detect a very talented young man who with the proper agent could go somewhere. He’s photogenic, as they say in the business, the camera loves him. I hope to see a lot more of him.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    I think it’s sad how many gay men are probably losing sleep because they don’t live up to Malcolm’s idea of what a man is….. (Want to bet he’s one of those who “thinks” he “straight acting”.)

  10. johnny says

    He’s already gotten some small network TV parts, he’s on his way up. Maybe this is just some fun stuff he’s doing while he waits around.

    But I agree, he needs more of his own original material and more characters (Jewn and Ken are good, don’t get me wrong), but it’s time to let go of other comics’ stuff and grow, Craigery! You easily have the talent and the looks. I’m def. a fan.

  11. Mark says

    Yes, he’s talented. He’s got something really likable about his sense of humor, too. But, for me, his good looks–undeniable–are distracting and get in the way when he’s doing one of his lip-syncs. And his body-building is starting to move in that direction of making his head look a little small…But, come one, let’s face it: he’s super funny and easy on the eyes…why complain?

  12. Redebbm says

    He’s put on some muscle, that’s hot, iv’e maybe put on 1/4th of what he has since his first Kristin Wiig vid, wonder what his secret is. He just seems like an all around fun guy, maybe that’s it. I hope he never reads the bitter comments on here.

  13. stranded says

    Peterparker said:

    “… he creeps me out, not because he can mimic a woman so very wel. but because he seems like a black hole of attention seeking narcissism.”

    I totally agree. It’s obvious that the guy posts these videos when his self esteem needs a boost, otherwise he’d do them with his shirt on.

  14. Married in MA says

    @ Homer – I totally agree. The guy is just having some fun. I’d love to have some fun with him!!

  15. ND Mitchell says

    This is my first time seeing one of your videos…very funny. Too bad you shaved your chest, should have kept the chest hair. Leave it alone next time. đŸ˜‰

  16. El-Brucio says

    He’s both cute and expressive. Hopefully he has a good head on his shoulders and will manage to leverage his internet popularity into the film or TV industries, if that is what he wants.

    As to his increased musculature, it looks good on him. I’m sure it will come in handy for landing either leading man roles, or landing a boyfriend.

  17. Brains says

    Let’s face it: the negative comments on here are just based on…. pure unadulterated ENVY!

    This guy so cute and handsome…..KISS! KISS!

    And that Air Afrique poster on the wall…says volumes!

  18. OrlandoLoser says

    He’s well known in the gay community in Orlando as a self centered narcissistic gay who plays guys left and right. He belongs in LA’s toxic environment.

  19. Fred says

    Your small brain is the same stuff that creates war… Internalized homaphobia sucks.

    Live and let live.