1. Morgan says

    What’s troubling is that most of the nutjobs that will vote for these idiots couldn’t afford $200/month for health insurance (even for their kids). Their so brazen to think it won’t affect them, but when their kid gets hit in the head with a baseball and has a blood-clot are they going to throw their hands in the air and say “well, we took a risk?” I highly doubt it.

  2. BRENDA says

    Hell, *I* can’t afford $200 or $300 for health care a month! I pay more than that in TAXES! For what I pay in TAXES alone health care should be FREE or extremely low cost and provided by the government just like police services, mail services, and the like.

  3. Aaron says

    Dan, it wasn’t about Ron Paul’s answer, it was about the crowd’s reaction. THEY were the ones cheering, “Yeah!” about letting this hypothetical man die….and the headline of this page says exactly that, nothing about Ron Paul. The people don’t want the Government to do anything, until they want it to do everything. Why is socialism such a scary word? My calendar says “2011” not 1953.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    Has anyone ever asked a republican, including their civil libertarian and tea party scumbaggers how they would get access to health care if they lost everything they had, their jobs, their income, their savings, their homes, their health insurance and couldn’t afford to buy any? I supposed none of them would accept unemployment benefits either, can’t have that big government interfering in their lives now can they? Ignorant, selfish bastards and so too are gays who vote for them year in, year out.

  5. AlexM says

    I had a kidney transplant (2 actually). When you’re transplant patient you get 3 years of medicare post transplant and i would like to thank all you wonderful tax paying citizens because I would NOT have been able to afford the $500,000 that my insurance wouldn’t cover post-transplant (i had a few rejection episodes with treatments that cost $25,000+ each). Luckily, I am employed with pretty decent medical insurance but I have heard horror stories of people who have had to stop taking their medications because they couldn’t afford anything post-medicare. Medications are generally $200 a month (that’s with a co-pay) plus all the doctors that you have to see (dermatologist, eye dr, dentist, etc) more frequently then a healthy individual. We are a sad country

  6. M says

    Everything is so freaking black and white to these idiots until they are faced with such a decision themselves. Are they going to turn off their child’s life support if they lost their insurance and can’t afford care? Repulsive.

  7. DavidGroff says

    Ron Paul went on to say how when he was a young doctor, uninsured people turned to the church and other charity to help pay their medical bills. Of course he is living in the dark ages, utterly and dangerously clueless about the costs of modern, life-saving medical technolgy. Go ahead, ask your church to help you pay for it when, like AlexM, you need two kidney transplants.

    The people who cheered were mean, greedy, selfish, and anti-Christian. Also willfully ignorant.

  8. say what says


    National health care systems save you $$$$

    Europe national health care system delivers heal;th care at 1/2 the cost

    Canada at 2/3 cheaper in other words 1/3 the cost per person

    They also have longer healthier life spans

    so all you $$$$ hungry repubs are cutting of your noses to spite your face. A national health care system would deliver you a better product at a lower price

  9. Fenrox says

    What the hell question was that? It entirely matters if there is an option for you IF YOU CANT PAY, not if you are full of hubris. But of course that is the the goparty’s mantra, “if you are without, it’s your own fault.”

  10. anon says

    Most socialized medicine systems (and they vary a lot–it’s not as homogenous as you would think) save money by spending less on the dying and the old. About 50% of medical expenses are incurred during the last 4 months of life even when the situation is obviously hopeless. This is the origin of the “death panels” controversy. In Europe they cut you off gradually by denying care at about that point–no more expensive surgeries, tests or experimental medicines. They also spend far less on the elderly. We’d have to do the same thing to bring down the cost of medicine.

  11. thom says

    The “cheering section” reminds me why these idiots would root for Goliath, not David.
    Sadly typical behavior of the masses of misinformed stupidity.
    Oh, and the “turn to the church” response? I guess that makes sense since churches aren’t taxed.Maybe that’s where a real difference can be made with those in real need.
    Most churches are emormously wealthy and can well afford to assist.Many do. Many don’t. Just sayin’…..

  12. Paul Mc says

    @Anon: you are comparing apples with oranges in one or two crucial regard. European health systems do not bar you from using private care so it’s hardly a valid way to judge the systems. It is true the last 4 months of life tend to be most expensive. In the US the priorities in that period are massively distorted by the way drugs are procured. In the UK the priorities are on a case by case basis taking into account the likely effectiveness and intrusiveness of the treatment, ie those with the most medical knowledge. With both my parents having spent their last years in the NHS, all decisions on drugs and care programs are taken in conjunction with the family. My family are not idiots and we have medical knowledge in the family.

    Look this chart:

    Who is getting all the extra money you guys pay in premiums if life expectancy is worse and care is broadly the same as many other developed countries (apart from some certain cancer treatments)? The pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies are rolling in deep piles of your dollars for no extra benefit to you apart from the illusion of choice.

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