Family Research Council: Accepting Gays is a More Difficult Mission for the Military Than War


Jeremy Hooper at Good as You points us to a new claim from Tony Perkins and his hate group Family Research Council:

In a matter of days, the U.S. military will be embarking on its most difficult mission yet: celebrating homosexuality in its ranks.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell will be history tomorrow. Military leaders aren't worried about it at all.


  1. Fred says

    These guys, along with Michelle Bachmann, are telling flat out lies.

    Why is that not against the law?

    Why is it that the media does not take on these people and call them on their lies?

    Where’s the proof? Where’s the study? Where’s the data to back up what you say?

  2. say what says

    You have got to be kiding me. From someone who never served

    Anyway; my gramps did serve in WW2 and war is Hell. One of his best buds and him were shaving when a Japanese snipper took out his friend right beside him

    My gramps other War bud was gay and my gramps knew it and they remained friends their entire lives

    This was WW2

    WAR is harder on the military than anything, gays not so much

  3. say what says

    PS FRED it is totally legal in america. It is even legal to call one’s self a news agency and report lies as facts. In Canada you would get arrested

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Au contraire, Miss Perkins, but one of the most difficult missions faced these days by The Pentagon is ongoing civilian interference in military operations from assholes like you and other homophobic hate organizations.

  5. Bart says

    Don’t get worked into a lather over anything Tony Perkins has to say. No one listens to him other than that miniscule – both mentally and in numbers – group who already believe his bile.

    He’s a worm, except worms actually serve a function.

    We have to stop giving this ridiculousists press, here or anywhere. Obscurity is the way to cage and destroy these freaks.

  6. Dale says

    There will be a mass exodous of the military starting tomorrow morning I tell ya. We’ll have to re-instate the draft and our national security will be at risk. This is one of the biggest mistakes that America could make!!! We are all doomed! The gay is out and coming for our servicemen and woman, next they will be for your husbands and children! I tell ya will all the fires in Texas, the earthquake in Washington and the hurricanes, these are signs from the all mighty we doing wrong!!!

    [sarcasm off]

  7. bill johnson says

    You have to love how anything other than complete rejection of gay people equates to celebrating gay people in the small mind of Tony Perkins. He can call it what he wants but the end of DADT isn’t causing any problems and indeed has been one big non-event. Certification happened, I and many other soldiers started coming out to our units, and yet the military has continued to function without any disruption. At this point the haters that continue to try attack this change are only showing how completely detached from reality they really are.

  8. Rin says

    I don’t know where they get this stuff from.

    Someone shooting at you versus the guy next to you being gay…hmmmmm. Tough choice. It’s kind of like Eddie Izzards: Cake or death.

  9. alexInBoston says

    To Tony Perkins and his Ilk, this is just one less issue they can lie about and drain the coffers of “blue haired evangelicals” (the same ones who drop $90 Million a year into the American Family Association) and for the record he was a US Marine and he has a scary wiki profile, this (dare i say man) man was a police officer, a state legislator and he ran for the us senate….

  10. Abel says

    There she goes, flapping her gums again. Miss Tonette just won’t give it a rest. The dollars are dwindling and she’s getting more desperate. She’s a deeply closeted troll and someday, someone will be lifting her luggage. She’s also a KKK supporter, don’t forget that.

  11. says

    “In a matter of days, the U.S. military will be embarking on its most difficult mission yet: doing what Canadians did with no fuss or issue back in 1992″

    that’s what it should say.

  12. says

    There’s only one surefire way to put these comments into context: a quick game of $25,000 Pyramid.

    Nipsey Russell: “Storming the Normandy beach on D-Day.”

    Contestant: “Things That Made the Greatest Generation!”

    Nipsey Russell: “Raiding Osama bin Laden’s compound and killing the terrorist leader.”

    Contestant: “Uh, um, American Military Successes!”

    Nipsey Russell: “Countless rescue operations…combat that requires unfathomable bravery…stealth action that calls for unflinching valor…times when there’s no margin for error.”

    Contestant: “Oh, oh, Military Missions That Are Less Difficult Than Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!”

    More thoughts here: