1. Farley says

    I see the moderator is not making any snide references to this straight-appearing model as was done with Taylor Lautner. What gives?

  2. TyN says

    Probably because it’s a non issue. Taylor Lautner is a well known actor that was featured on a mag that usually has male models on the cover. What’s so snide about “best dramatic face”? It’s not even a straight/not straight issue.

  3. carlo says

    I see better looking guys on the street in NY every day. You know the blank canvas that is NY. Right…

  4. anon says

    you are probably way too fat due to over eating!! That’s why everyone looks scrawny to you.

  5. Drew says

    I enjoy the photos, but don’t understand the whole “shirtless workout in a public park [for children]”. Kellan Lutz does it, this guy does it; is there a shortage of gyms, forests and running paths? Hmm.