1. Rin says

    I just wish they had voice changes so people like Joy and Fran Drescher could get them.

    I think that Chaz has actually gotten a lot of positive out of this. He always had a lot of conflicts with his mother that are now being sorted out because this brought the tiger out in her. He may lose some more weight. He’s taken the worst in public opinion…and he’s still here.

  2. jason says

    Lacey Schwimmer looks awful. Her hair is too long. It looks like a long curtain.

    As for Chaz, she’s still a female. No amount of surgery changes this fact.

    Also, notice how Dancing With The Stars has again refused to have two men together dancing as a couple. They’ve even paired Carson Kressley with a woman for Pete’s sake. It’s a homophobic show with a homophobic set of producers.

  3. jason says

    Chaz is female. His chromosomes say so. You can’t change your chromosomes.

    As for what Chaz thinks of herself, that’s another story. If she thinks of herself as male, fine with me. I hold no grudges against her. I wish her well.

    For all intents and purposes, she fits the male stereotype appearance-wise. If this has helped her adjust to a better life for herself, good on her.

  4. Tagg2 says

    Look…I support Chaz 100% but he is not a Male simply because he had his breasts removed and started taking male hormones and tells the world he is now a Man. Chaz is still biologically a female and will always be that. I dont know why folks get so up in arms when that is pointed out. It’s not a slam against him at all…just the facts.

  5. Luke says

    If trans is still a female, then y’all are still faggots. Just because you want me to call you gay or same-gender loving or whatever doesn’t make you any less of a faggot. Got it?

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Truly though, I will never understand the trans-hate in the gay community. Chaz is male. Just as any one of us gay men is gay or whatever, and not some label someone else insists places on us out of their own ignorance.

    Perhaps the trans-hate is just jealousy that Chaz understands better how to be a man than many of us ever will.

  6. Nick Name says

    Jason and Tagg2. It ceases to amaze me how ignorant and conservative some gays are. Your kind of talk is so friggin old school where you see everything in black and white. Sounds like you miss the days when men were men and women were women and no one strayed from the norm.

    Chaz identifies as a man. His body may be that of a woman but his brain is that of a man. In my books the brain is what defines the person.

    Right wing conservatives are threatened by trans people because they hate anything that deviate from the norm. Why are you (homosexuals i assume) so threatened by how Chaz defines himself?

  7. Howard says

    I predict the largest first night ratings ever for DWTS as a direct result of all this “controversy.” Somebody, somewhere at DWTS ought to be getting a big bonus for Chaz’s casting. You can’t tell me his impact on the show wasn’t discussed. AND he’s Cher’s son, for crissake. Just the notion that she might show up is good for ratings!! It’s all about the $$$$$$

  8. Rin says

    @Nick Name,

    here is where, as a feminist, I have issues with “gender”.

    Explain how in his brain he’s a man.

    What defines “man” and what defines “woman”?

    Please, here is where I think we do a disservice to people struggling with an individual identity and finally force a square peg into a round hole physically to make some sense of it all.

    How do you, Nick Name, feel “male”? Please describe what “male” feels like in your brain.

    I’ve been female all my life and I can’t tell you what “female” means in my brain.

    Is it liking “pretty things”, as I’ve heard from some transwomen? Is it liking makeup, high heels, etc?

    Or is female wanting to have lots of babies and nurture them?

    What do I feel like as a female in my brain?
    What does a man feel like as a man in his brain?

    This is where I call BS. 80% of what we considered fixed gender behavior is based on social customs and culture.

    I may have estrogen and instincts when it comes to my children, but it doesn’t change me from liking hockey, cars, kung fu movies, and other things associated with “male”.

    I really want to know, not political posturing. What makes anyone think they know generically what “men” or “women” are like in the brain?

    We are unique individuals with unique thoughts, feelings, emotions until society boxes us in.

    If you want to change your body to fit what you believe a “gender” is supposed to look like that is your prerogative. It is not, however, hard science. It is soft APA science that speaks outside of both mouths.

    On one hand, if you like girls, flannel, motorcycles, short hair, etc it’s okay to say that’s still “female” because women don’t have set behavioral likes or dislikes according to early 70’s Steinem feminism.

    According to that brand of thought that the APA also agrees with, the Chaz should have felt okay as a chick with short hair and not had to take hormones and cut up his body.

    Like…which is it?

    When someone can explain to me specifically and definitively what a man or woman feels like in the brain, in their head, inside…and that’s conclusive to what your sex is supposed to be…then I’ll jump on board that this is a real condition.

    Until then, I’ll just remain supportive and tolerant in the vein of: let people do whatever the hell they want if it doesn’t hurt others. Chaz hurts no one. Chaz is happy. GREAT. Not enough happiness in the world.

    I just get upset when people pawn it off like its science. Science all about statistics, repeatable and predictable events, etc.

  9. wtf says

    Hey Rin, if you’ve got your panties in such a twist over this, perhaps you should actually do the research FIRST before bashing. Because obviously, you DIDN’T. Just STFU with your whining because you don’t like that transgender people exist. You’re no feminist. You’re a supremacist.

  10. Task says

    Apparently too many people you think would know better are here confusing one’s behavior and appearance (cutting your hair short or having breasts) with an individual’s identity. If this sounds at all familiar to you it should.
    As for his chromosomes, anyone ever heard of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? Care to explain to all those girls and women why you’re calling them a “he”? Ignorance of this type is easily remedied, just FYI.
    People are people, and they are certainly under no more onus than you are to explain, define or justify to you or anyone else what their gender identity is or “feels like” so you can feel better about their lives.

  11. Tagg says

    Jeez Nick…you realy should learn to read and comprehend basic english. I said Chaz will always “genetically be a female” (Fact). More power to HIM if HE wants to live HIS lfe as a MAN…but it doesnt change the fact that it’s all an illusion. Btw: I don’t have a problem wth it at all but you seem too.

  12. Rin says


    I actually DO do research, and I don’t agree that gender and behavior are linked.

    I don’t care if transpeople choose to have operations, and I would never deny them their rights to do whatever they want to their own bodies and to do what it takes to be happy.

    My problem is with the belief that “men” act one way and “women” act one way and that determines gender. It is anti-scientific and anti-progressive.

    It leaves people believing that there is something “wrong” with them, their bodies, who they choose to love, etc. So they become unhappy, miserable, and feel as if they can somehow gather together the money to have an operation or take hormones happiness will ensue.

    Okay, great for Chaz that he had people with money that would loan it to him as he’s said.

    What about the poor kid who doesn’t? He has been told that he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body, ergo there is something wrong with his body that he must change it and if he doesn’t he’s incomplete.

    Seriously, what did people do 2000 years ago?

    The problem is with society telling you that your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is of extreme importance.

    The problem is with society telling you that if you like A, B, M, and Z then you qualify as __________________, but if you like C, D, E, F and Y then you qualify as ________________.

    There is no hatred in my heart for trans people, in fact, I’m angry for them that they live in a culture were it so fricking black and white, straight or gay, male or female that they live unhappy lives until someone shoves a pill in their hands or performs an operation.

    How is that progressive or kind? Here, you are only validated as a human, Chaz, if you can afford to take hormones, get your breasts removed, and a penis made for yourself.

    How about allowing Chaz to be a unique individual?

    The Native Americans defined a third gender and in many cases they were the medicine men…they were special and weren’t forced into a box.

    You can be reactionary and clump me in with people who are calling him a freak or making fun of him, but I’m not one of those.

    I’m tired of little kids growing up feeling less than perfect because they don’t quite fit in with what society tells them is TRUTH>

  13. Nick Name says

    In the news this week…something very progressive. “Australia announced a new passport system that includes indeterminate as a gender option. Aside from male and female, the country now allows people to choose the indeterminate option without having a need for surgery to prove sex change”.

    ps-RIN – This seems to be along the lines of what you were talking about and I agree with.
    ps- TAGG-sorry for lumping you in with the haters but I still don’t totally agree with your need to bring up and remind us that Chaz is not and never will be a biological male. Chaz knows that. Why do you think he keeps on discussing the fact that he is a transexual male? Australia has got it right. Its called showing respect.

  14. topsyturvy says

    I really hope that working on Dancing will help Chaz get into better shape. When he’s been on Letterman and Oprah he just looks so large as to be unhealthy.

  15. J H Robbins says

    TopsyTurvy – this is my only concern about Chaz and maybe it stemmed from his depression about his gender identity. Now that he seems comfortable in his own skin, maybe this too will be resolved. Food can be an unhealthy anti-depressive-sorta. Other than that-good on him!!!

  16. Holly says

    Nobody knows what it feels like to be a man or a woman. My idea of what defines male can be much different than yours. Gender and sexual identity have NOTHING to do with genitalia. If sex was defined by genitals then every person that has the misfortune of an accident that mutilates, removes or destroys the function of their genitals has to be considered as nothing and no one. Why is it that gay men are so hateful of transgenders? Is it because you are fags and that can never be fixed? Are you jealous that a MtF that likes men never has to deal with the fag world again? I am proud to be the woman that I was always meant to be. Nothing pleases me more than to watch you hate-mongering faggots get squashed by a dose of your own medicine. Take the “T” out of LGBT, we don’t need or want to be associated with you anymore.

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